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Instant Tips To Get Rid Of Early Morning Sneezing

By: Ajanta Sen

Sneezing is a common human problem that may occur due to different reasons. Early morning sneezing is a special kind of a disorder, in which a person starts to sneeze either immediately after waking up or while getting out of the bed.

Running nose, itchy eyes and nasal congestion are some of the common symptoms that many people have together with sneezing.

In terms of medical science, there can be many reasons for this early morning sneezing issue, and allergies of many kinds are the most powerful reasons for the disorder to occur.

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The disorder often turns serious if a person suffers from multiple other allergies as well.

As per the doctors and physicians, following are the chief reasons for the issue of early morning sneezing:

1) Allergic rhinitis is the most significant reason for early morning sneezing. It is basically an allergy which is caused by the dust that is available everywhere.

2) Non-allergic rhinitis is another important cause for sneezing in which the eosinophilia syndrome is the base reason. It is non-allergic by nature, still it is a very troublesome reason.

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3) The climatic or environmental conditions is a very common factor that leads to sneezing early in the morning. It includes dry air, air conditioned air, or congestion in the nasal passage that could be the chief reasons.

4) Reaction due to non-suitable drugs is also one more reason for this disease to occur. Sinus also causes a terrible amount of problems of early morning sneezing.

The disease is severe; but it has quite a few trusted remedies. Some of the most effective remedies include the ones that are as mentioned below, read on:


Fennel Tea:

Fennel seeds are believed to have a good quantity of antioxidants that can be obtained in the form of herbal tea. The fennel tea builds the resistance power against the allergy that causes early morning sneezing.


Black Pepper:

The hot effect of the black pepper can be very effective in getting rid of the symptoms as well as troubles of morning coughing and sneezing. Medical science, especially Ayurvedic treatment, suggests many ways of using black pepper to get rid of many diseases, and sneezing is one of them.



Apart from being a strong herb, ginger has some very strong elements that are very effective in treating cough and cold. It also works fine against early morning sneezing. However, the doctors also prescribe chewing a small piece of ginger to get rid of coughing.


Chamomile Tea:

The chamomile seed is obtained from a flower of the daisy family. It has been found effective against strong cough and cold. Its anti-irritant property can be very effective in overcoming regular fits of morning sneezing. Besides, it also has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that are very effective in the treatment of cough and sneeze.


Steam Inhalation:

Though an old technique, inhaling steam is very effective in getting rid of the constant early morning sneezing problem. The steam can be prepared by using some medication and then the suffering person can inhale it to get the goodness of the steam. It can be very effective in overcoming the factors that cause sneezing in the morning.



Among many benefits of turmeric, it also fights well against sneezing. Medical science refers to quite a few ways of getting the goodness of turmeric to get rid of the disease.



Prepare a paste of garlic and cloves and inhale the strong fragrance to develop a resistance against sneezing. It works well too.


Honey And Lemon:

Add the goodness of honey and lemon to some tea to prepare a deadly drink that can have a decisive fight against sneezing. Its antioxidant properties can be very effective in curing the issue in the best way possible.


Bitter Gourd:

Though bitter gourd does not taste pleasant, it has some very good medicinal properties. Take bitter gourd in your meals regularly to get rid of the disease quicker.

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Story first published: Sunday, July 24, 2016, 9:00 [IST]
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