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How To Relieve Painful Urination?

By: Ajanta Sen

The human body is the most sophisticated creation of God that suffers from many diseases in the life time. These diseases are of various types, and they have different symptoms, effects and remedies.

Some of these diseases are caused by various nutritive elements, whereas some others are caused by the infections that occur due to various reasons.

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The infection of the urine is a severe ailment that leads to some very serious consequences. Medically, it is termed as Urinary Tract Infection or UTI.

Obviously, it is a serious disease that causes a tremendous amount of pain to the humans suffering from it. Usually, there is a separate system of organs that is assigned the task of taking the waste water out of your body.

This system consists of urethra that carries the urine from the bladder, where the urine is stored. This is a natural system that works smoothly throughout the life, provided no infection damages its natural ability to function.

Usually, the infection or UTI is caused when some bacteria enter the system and damage the natural ability.

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It causes an immense pain in the process, apart from some more serious complications, including a burning sensation. People suffering from UTI look for the ways of how to relieve painful urination.

Apart from prescribed medication, there are some natural cures to treat the condition of painful urination. Following are some of those ways:


Drink Plenty Of Water:

This is the first and the foremost thing that you must do. Drinking more water can increase the urge to urinate, and that can flush out the infections from the body. The doctors suggest the patients to drink at least 7-8 glasses of water every day.


Do Not Control The Urge To Pee:

It is true that UTI makes you feel like urinating frequently. Though it is embarrassing at times, you should never avoid the call. Never subside the call, as it may deepen the problems further.


Prepare A Drink With Baking Soda & Water:

Prepare a drink with baking soda and water and drink it frequently. This drink has an alkaline characteristic that can neutralise the acidic infection, and help you get rid of the body infection.


Chew Celery Seeds:

Celery seeds are very effective in fighting UTI, and that is why it is considered as one of the most effective ways to relieve painful urination. It has the goodness of butylphthalide. Celery seeds have the capacity to bring a faster relief from painful urination.


Take Cucumber Regularly:

Cucumber contains a large quantity of watery substance that your body can get if you eat this lovely fruit on a regular basis. Usually, this fruit has loads of benefits including the one of being the most trusted natural cures for painful urination.


Avoid Certain Ill-Food Habit:

Usually, the doctors advise their patients to keep a safe distance from certain edible products that include Caffeine, Chocolate, Carbonation and Citrus. These four things have a strong tendency to irritate the bladder at the end of the day. Avoiding them can reduce the infection and also the pain that the infection causes.


Use Hot Pads To Relieve The Pain In The Area:

If you are facing a severe amount of pain and irritation while urinating, then you should prefer using a hot pad around the bladder area. This heat can be obtained by medically-approved heating devices or hot pads.


Take Ginger Tea:

Ginger tea can be an excellent way of how you can relieve yourself from painful urination. You can take ginger tea at least twice or thrice daily, so that you start getting the advantage of ginger and the tea at the same point of time.


Take Lemon And Cream Of Tartar:

Both lemon and cream of Tartar has some great characteristic that was very famous in the days gone by. It may be true that modern humans do not know the advantages, but it does not reduce their utilities as a prominent way of how to relieve pain of urination.


Take Cranberry Juice:

Cranberry juice has an antibacterial property that makes it one of the most successful natural cures for painful urination. You can take this juice at regular intervals if you have developed a tendency to get UTI often.

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