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Press These Points And Get Rid Of Stress!


A bit of stress may help you do your job well and achieve your targets but too much of stress can spoil your health. Also, it can affect your energy levels and may change your attitude too.

Though there are a lot of ways to reduce stress, trying acupressure could be the simplest way to relieve yourself from stress instantly.


You just need to gently press on certain pressure points or focal areas of your body to feel the relief. Acupressure is a healing art which is practiced in many countries in Asia.

Instead of using pills or anti-depressants which have serious side effects, it is always safer to use acupressure to feel relaxed. Read on to know more...



Gently press the inner part of your ear using a pen or your finger while breathing deeply. This could help relieve your stress.



This point on the stomach, when stimulated enhances your breathing and frees up your diaphragm helping you relax well.



Place two fingers on your scalp exactly at the place that is just a above your neck and the bottom of your head. You need to press this point gently for 20 seconds.



Pressing this point on your palm will instantly reduce your stress. This point is considered as an important meridian as it is said to affect your pancreas, liver and heart.



Massage the center of your chest using 3 fingers. This can relieve you from emotional issues and anxiety issues by calming your nervous system down.



See the picture and carefully apply some pressure on the foot. It helps balance your energies and relaxes your body and mind.



Apply pressure gently on the areas marked by red in the above figure. This will clear anxiety and worry.


Outer Gate

Applying pressure on this point can also strengthen immune system apart from reducing stress.



Press the area of the shoulder well to get relief from stress and anxiety.



Applying pressure gently on the elbow point may also reduce anxiety. You need to do it for both the elbows one after the other to gain relief.

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