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    Do You Know That Walking Barefoot Gives Us A Whole Lot Of Health Benefits? Here Are 10 Of Them

    By Shubham Ghosh

    Walking barefoot is something we generally avoid, as it can cause injury or infection to our legs.

    But always remember that in ancient days, when the earliest predecessor of the modern-day shoe was not invented, people used to cover every distance barefoot and yet they lived healthily.

    Hence, there are indeed some benefits that walking barefoot will offer to our health. In a nutshell, walking barefoot gives us a stronger body, reduces joint pain, improves mobility and even betters our mental state.

    Here are 10 health benefits that walking barefoot will provide us with, take a look:


    1. Improves our brain’s balance:

    The more you feel attached to the ground (nature), the more your brain will find its balance. This leads towards a better functioning of the nervous system.


    2. More strength to leg muscles:

    Walking barefoot gives your leg muscles a good shape and that in turn helps in providing good support and balance.


    3. Keeps children in good health:

    Diabetes and obesity can be serious issues in children and one of the effective ways to address this issue is by making them walk and run around without shoes. It also helps their brain and senses by staying close to the nature.


    4. Better feet health:

    Walking barefoot keeps your feet in a great shape and also cures ailments like arthritis. Problems like bunions and hammertoes also get alleviated if we walk barefoot.


    5. Better blood circulation:

    Walking barefoot awakens dormant muscles and this helps in improving the blood flow to the feet and legs. This helps in reducing the pain of the joints, curing varicose veins, etc.


    6. Reduces blood pressure:

    Walking barefoot stimulates the nerves underneath the feet and this helps in decreasing the blood pressure.


    7. Lessens inflammation:

    Walking around barefoot does us a good favour by reducing inflammation. Inflammation is the reason for several ailments like cancer, diabetes, asthma, cardiovascular problems, etc. Walking barefoot soothes the nerve endings underneath our feet.


    8. Improves posture:

    Wearing fashionable shoes doesn't really help our posture. We get into a particular pattern of moving, putting various parts of our lower body part under stress. By walking barefoot, we can reverse the trend and get a better posture by remaining connected with the ground directly. This reduces the overall pressure on our body.


    9. Improves sleep:

    Sleeping on the ground makes way for negative ions that are helpful in improving sleep quality. Did you notice that you had a better sleep in the night after swimming or walking on the beach? It is because these acts help the negative ions to flow through your body.


    10. Have strong abdomen:

    Walking barefoot regularly helps you tighten the abdomen muscles and have a better hold on your posture. It enhances your body's overall fitness level.

    Walking barefoot is indeed a helpful scientific process that your body experiences. People in earlier days used to cover huge distances barefoot and it was related to their high level of physical fitness.

    Today, as we have become more disconnected with Mother Nature, walking or running barefoot doesn't really remain a viable alternative; but we can take out some time to experiment a lifestyle without the footwear.

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    Story first published: Friday, October 7, 2016, 10:30 [IST]
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