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Get Rid Of Constipation Instantly With This Dry Fruit!

By Ajanta Sen

Human diseases are endless. It is true that human beings are very serious about maintaining their health, and they are ready to do anything to keep themselves fit and healthy.

Apart from exercising regularly, they pay special attention towards their diet. They take special initiatives to plan their diet and get a diet chart that is recommended by a qualified and experienced dietitian.

However, it is also a fact that humans cannot keep themselves healthy always. There are quite a few cause and reasons that make it difficult to keep yourself healthy and fit, at all times.

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Among many health disorders, constipation troubles everyone a lot. It is a physical condition that causes a terrible amount of difficulties in emptying the bowels.

Due to some reasons, the bowel gets hardened, and that is why people suffering with this condition find it very difficult to excrete the bowel.

As far as the causes of constipation are concerned, there can be many reasons that cause this situation. A person suffering from constipation can have multiple reasons to be suffering from it and that can be a terrible situation altogether!

Causes Of Constipation:

Following are some of the strong causes for constipation, which you should take a look at:

Sudden change in diet

Lack of fluids

Frequent medication

Medicinal allergy

Lack of exercise

Most of these reasons play a major role in causing constipation. People often follow a regular diet in their daily life, and any sudden change in them may cause some significant impact on their bowel movements.

Apart from that, frequent consumption of medicines may also cause some significant changes in the body, either temporarily or permanently. Usually, people show a trend of suffering from constipation while they consume iron syrups and other such medicines.

Common Symptoms Of Constipation:

Sometimes, the patients show some unique symptoms of constipation, but these symptoms often keep changing. Following are some of the common symptoms of constipation, have a look:

1) Few and irregular bowel movements

2) Severe trouble in managing the movement of the bowel (straining)

3) Hard stools

4) A sense of incomplete movement of the bowel, especially when it is not completely excreated out

4) Swollen abdomen or abdominal pain

5) Tendency to vomit

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Things You Should Do If You Are Suffering From Constipation:

The following steps can help you get rid of the problem of constipation, in case you're finding it to be bothering you a lot:

1) You should take 2-4 extra glasses of water in a day, until the doctor advises you to limit fluid intake for another possible health reason.

2) You should take warm liquids, especially in the morning.

3) You should include fruits and vegetables in your diet on a regular basis.

4) Eat light and fibrous-rich foods, including cereals.

5) Have your meals at regular intervals. Do not eat food in one go. Instead, you should eat many small portions at regular intervals.

Visiting a doctor is a necessary step, if the above-mentioned steps do not show any positive results, to bring you the right benefits.

However, Ayurveda has some great remedies for providing an immediate relief in those suffering from the problem of constipation.

Dry fruits are said to be the best in treating this condition. There is one such dry fruit that is highly effective, read on to know more about this dry fruit!

The Best Dry Fruit You Can Have To Get Rid Of Constipation:

Raisins are a wonderful, effective remedy in bringing about relief from the symptoms of constipation.

However, there are some suggested ways of taking raisins. You would not get the right advantages of taking raisins if you take them in a random manner.

So, following are some of the suggested ways of taking raisins to get relief:

1) You should soak raisins for at least a few hours before you have them. Soaking them in water will help activate the antioxidant property, and that can bring you the right advantage.

2) You can also take raisins along with some other dry fruits. However, the quantity should not be excess at one point of time. Follow the suggestions of the prescribing authority, preferably an Ayurvedic doctor.

3)Taking it with oatmeal can be a great, effective idea as well.

4)You can also take raisins with yogurt. It can be very effective in providing you relief.

Story first published: Monday, July 25, 2016, 21:30 [IST]
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