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8 Cures For Summer Blisters

By: Padmapreetham Mahalingam

It’s summer! The only downside of summer is facing the predictable blisters all over the body. Sunburn blisters are visibly fluid-filled bumps that appear on the clusters of the skin.

It is an area of raised skin with watery liquid on the inside. They look like bubbles on the skin. They are caused by the prolonged exposure to sunlight or intense heat (sun’s harmful UV rays).

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They are extremely painful and cause a lot of itchiness. Hot humid weather brings a lot of blisters, as the sweat ducts trap perspiration under the skin. And this later shows up as tiny bumps or blisters. They appear most often in the skin folds.

Usually, a blister shouldn’t be pierced with a needle to get rid of it, as it can lead to a further infection. You can even choose to cloak blisters with plaster to protect from infection.

Blisters would usually form on hands or feet from rubbing or pressure. Popping a blister would only cause infection and the downside of it is that they would appear back on the same day. Instead, it is always better to cover them with a bandage until they get dried up.

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Summer blisters can be prevented by staying indoors during hot peak timings between 10 AM and 4 PM. Remember, try to stay hydrated by sipping water or lemon juice every now and then.

There are several ways to cure summer blisters. Here are some of ways to cure summer blisters, take a look.


Aloe Vera

If the blister is bothering you for quite some time, then try to slather on some aloe vera gel on the affected area. Aloe vera has astringent properties that can keep the blister clean, and it also manages to prevent infection. Using aloe vera during hot and humid conditions is a perfect way to cure summer blisters.


Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is effective in treating summer blisters, since it contains antibacterial and antiviral properties. Try to dilute tea tree oil by taking one part of oil and combining it with three parts of water. Make sure to use cotton ball when applying this ingredient on the affected area of the skin. Tea tree oil can heal blisters within a few days.


Ice Pack

Cold compresses can cure summer blisters, as they can bring down the pain as well as the inflammation. Try to apply an ice pack. Make sure to wrap a few ice cubes in a clean wash cloth. Place it over the affected area for 15 minutes to heal the blister. If the swelling hasn't come down, then continue applying ice pack every three to four hours.



Vinegar can ease sunburn, pain and inflammation, as it contains acetic acid. To speed up the healing process, try to soak a few sheets of paper towels in white vinegar and make sure to keep them on the blister area. Allow the paper towels containing the white vinegar residue to stay on the blister for a few minutes until it gets dry.


Lavender Oil

It is a healer. Dabbing on lavender oil can work great, especially when you have blisters. It is a great remedy to treat summer blisters. You can apply the oil directly on to the blister. It helps in healing the skin and taking the pain out.


Black Tea

Black tea contains anti-inflammatory properties that help to ease the pain caused by blisters. Make sure to apply black tea on the affected area for better results.



Firstly, grind oatmeal to a powdered form, and then try to add two cups of warm water into a bowl. More importantly, soak this mixture on the blisters for about 30 minutes.



You can also try another remedy to cure summer blisters such as a toothpaste to alleviate the pain. It can dry out the pimples or blisters. Remember, when using toothpaste, make sure not to opt for a cinnamon flavoured type, as it would aggravate the skin condition.

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