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Do You Know The Reason Behind Your Headache?

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Headaches are a common problem and the only solution we turn too is popping in multiple pills to get rid of the pain.

However, health experts advice to skip the pills and turn to only home remedies like green tea or sipping on water to solve the health problem.

The common cause for a headache is stress, dehydration, the type of food you consume, caffeine withdrawal, etc.

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It is important to monitor your headaches to see if the problem continues for a longer unusual time because a persistent headache is a sign of stroke, an aneurysm, a brain tumour, or bleeding in the brain.

Therefore, to rule out these major problems, it is always best to know the type of headache you have, as it will be helpful in diagnosing the treatment that you need to take accordingly.

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Today, we've shared with you some of the real and probable reasons as to why your head could be aching all the time. So, read on to see if you get these types of headaches and do act upon them immediately:


The Thunder Headache:

If you get a sudden headache and it is excruitating, this is called a thunderclap headache. It normally worsens after 60 seconds, which could possibly indicate an internal bleeding in the brain.


Headache After Sex:

If you get a minor headache after sex or even after an exercise, it could be a sign of tumour or an aneurysm. This has to be taken seriously by informing to the doctor.


Memory Loss & Headache:

Headaches that are accompanied with memory loss, blurry vision and immobility are a sign of stroke. This type of a headache should not be ignored at any cost.


Headache In Old Age:

A headache in old age could indicate an increase in blood pressure. This should be treated immediately, as having high BP can lead to further complications.


Headache & Injury:

Headaches that occur after an injury can be related to a concussion. This needs to be treated immediately, as ignoring it might lead to a further brain damage.


A Sign Of Cancer????:

Did you know that a headache can also be a warning sign of cancer, especially if you have a history of cancer in the family? So, make sure not to ignore your persistent headache and get it treated right away.


Types Of Headaches:

Tension headaches, migraine, sinus and cluster headaches should never be ignored. If a headache continues for more than 24 hours, it needs to be treated medically to find the best possible treatment for the type of headache.

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