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Worst Drugs That Can Make Your Heart Bleed


Today, the rate of drug usage among the youth has broken a lot of barriers! The youth of today are influenced by the result of these drugs and thus the reason for so many lives lost. In many parts of the world, drugs are widely sold for medicinal purposes.

But, an over dose of any drug can kill you. For example, marijuana is one of the many drugs that is sold illegally for recreational uses. It is one drug which is typically smoked, hailing from the cannabis sativa plant.

It is a drug that is easy to become addicted to, and it can cause short-term medical effects including increased blood pressure, dry mouth, rapid heart rate, and slowed reaction time. On the other hand, there are several other worst drugs in the world which have almost the same effect.

Here are some of the most dangerous and worst drugs in the world you should never get addicted too, as it pays a heavy toll on the heart, take a look:


Heroin - This is one of the most powerful and worst drug in the world. It can get you addicted in less than 3 days due to it's euphoric and content feeling. This drug affects the heart, kidney and most importantly it is the main reason why AIDS is spread easily, as heroin is injected in the body.

Opium - Another worst drug in the world which affects the heart and causes death. This drug comes from the seed pods of the opium poppy before they are ripe. A regular usage of this drug causes the blood pressure to drop and a decrease in pulse rate as well.

Cocaine - This nasty drug is also powerful and has taken a number of lives in the past. Cocaine is one drug which affects the brain and the heart simultaneously. When one becomes addicted to the drug it affects the entire nervous system thus resulting in sudden death too. A withdrawal from Cocaine will leave the patient nauseous and in a severe state of depression.

Crystal Meth - This form of drug is highly dangerous for the heart as it serious health issues which include psychotic behavior, aggression, and memory loss. An overdose of crystal meth can lead to a heart attack and at times even brain hemorrhage.

Marijuana - A popular and most addictive drug in the world. There are more than a billion people who love this drug which is why the death rate is gigantic. Marijuana is harmful to the body, especially the heart. Marijuana causes an increase in blood pressure which can give you a heart attack. This drug when smoked also increases rapid heart rate which is dangerous for the human body.

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Story first published: Wednesday, October 14, 2015, 9:04 [IST]
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