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12 Ways To Naturally Prevent Hiccups


Hiccups could never really be prevented. However, there are certain things you can do to prevent the onset of hiccups if you are prone to getting bad attacks. The main cause of hiccups is because of sudden temperature changes and speaking while eating.

The other causes of this treacherous disease are not chewing your food well. Among these, the common causes of hiccups are due to the consumption of spicy foods or large meals. So, the first step to prevent hiccups is to avoid the above following.

The most common remedy to prevent hiccups is to inhale air and hold it in. When doing so, the air pushes the hiccup back into the system. The air is then pushed back out in the form of a burp. However, this is not advisable as this trick will allow gas to form in your system thus giving rise to a bloated tummy.

Therefore, take a look at these hiccup prevention remedies.


Sipping On Water

Cold water is the best remedy to prevent hiccups naturally. Slowly sip on cold water to ease the onset of this problem post a heavy meal.


Vitamin C

The only way you can prevent hiccups is by swallowing a Vitamin C tablet or have fresh orange juice post a meal.


Breathing Deeply

As soon as you get the feeling of hiccups begin to breathe deeply. This will help to curb the problem immediately.


Yoga Helps Too

Yoga is another way to naturally decrease the onset of hiccups over a period of time. Practice yoga daily to ward off this problem.


Dry Bread Trick

Chew and then swallow a piece of dry bread. This natural remedy will slowly begin to decrease this problem.


Run Up The Stairs

Run up a flight of stairs if you want to stop the onset of hiccups. Pant as deep as you can.


Sugar Puts It Away

A teaspoon of sugar will do the trick of getting rid of hiccups. Allow it to dissolve slowly in your mouth without chewing it.


Yogurt Prevents Hiccups

Yogurt mixed with a little salt can help to solve the problem. This is a safe hiccup prevention remedy.


Cardamom Powder

Boil 1 cup of water and add a teaspoon of freshly ground cardamom powder to it. This home remedy will help to get rid of hiccups effectively.


A Piece Of Ginger

Chew a piece of ginger to slowly rid of your hiccups. This is a very good prevention remedy.


A Tbsp Of Ghee

Consume a tbsp of hot ghee to help solve the problem of hiccups. Ghee prevents this irritable problem.


Does Peanut Butter Help

The perfect way to prevent hiccup naturally is by swallowing a tsp of peanut butter. The protein in the butter puts an end to hiccups.

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Story first published: Thursday, February 5, 2015, 14:10 [IST]
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