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Best Foods For Viral Fever Patients

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After dengue, the most common fever everyone has been targeted with is viral. Viral fever is caused by one of the many viral infections or the infections caused by virus itself.

The first symptoms that a doctor takes into consideration for viral fever are fatigue, cough, sore throat. If you show any of these signs, it should bot be neglected as the infection or the virus can affect one of your organs.


Eating the right foods during a viral fever is important as it helps to boost your immunity and thereby gets rid of the virus.

You should know that when this virus enters human body, it takes its incubation period to multiply itself to such number that causes infection. When the body is infected by the virus, the following symptoms mentioned above are seen.

So, before the virus begins to spread more, consume these foods which are healthy for you at that point of time. Here are some of the best foods for viral fever patients, take a look:



When you are infected with any virus, the best way for you to get better is to flush it out. Now, water is the key to flush out toxins from your body and the virus, so drink plenty of water.


Tulsi Heals You

Suffering from viral fever? The best food for you to consume is anything related to the tulsi plant. Add the leaves to a cup of tea and sip on it the first thing in the morning. You can also soak tulsi leaves in water and consume the water.


Orange Juice

When down with viral fever, fluids are the key to your strength. Prepare fresh orange juice and drink it during the day to build your immunity.


Ginger Juice

Make a cup of black tea. To it add a fresh piece of ginger and one tablespoon of honey. Drink this warm beverage to help heal your throat when infected with viral fever.


Steamed Vegetables

It is best to opt for foods without spice when down with viral fever. Steam you veggies with salt and a dash of pepper, to enjoy your meal.


Rice Porridge

Rice porridge or kangi is another best food to consume when you are down with viral fever. This food helps to boost your immunity providing you with a good amount of energy.



The reason why you should add raisins to your diet is because they contain antioxidants which help you to fight any type of infection within your body.



You need to foods which are rich in antioxidants since it helps to kill the virus immediately. Add garlic to your daily diet to help kill the infection.


Indian Herbs

Indian herbs are some of the best ways to help deal with viral fever. Any food related with mint helps to boost your immunity and thus helps you to fight off the infection naturally.


Probiotic Foods

Probiotics rich food should be included in the diet as these food are said to be effective in reducing high temperature, hack and length of antibiotic


Vegetable Extracts

The best fever food to kill viral fever is rich vegetable broth. Consume this broth or soup for lunch to build energy and help the infection disintegrate in your body.


Peeled Fruits

When down with fever, it is best to opt for peeled fruits only. Oranges, sweet lemons are some which are high in vitamin c, good to consume for viral infection.

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