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10 Home Remedies To Stop Hiccups Immediately!


Hiccups are involuntary spasms of the diaphragm and respiratory organs, which occur with a sudden closure of glottis and a characteristic gulping sound. This spasm is common and not alarming to one's health.

Hiccups can make one feel terrible, even though it occurs for a short period of time. Therefore, it is important to put an end to the problem as soon as possible.

In most cases, hiccups appear due to specific trigger factors such as smoking, a bloated tummy, drinking hot beverages, after frizzy drinks, a sudden change in the room temperature and more. According to experts, it is stated that one should slowly sip on water to calm down the spasm.

The other fast hiccup cure that works well is to inhale the air through the mouth and exhale it from the mouth after 20 counts. After exhaling the air from the mouth, a burp is released.

These two hiccup cures normally work wonders, but then again, if the spasm still continues to last, it is suggested to follow these handful of home remedies for treating hiccups.

Boldsky has listed 10 hiccup cures that can work in less than a minute. Take a look at these awesome home remedies and always turn to natural ingredients only to cure the problem.


Spicy Sauce

The best hiccup cure that works is by gulping down a teaspoon of spicy sauce. The sauce will irritate the taste buds, thus diverting the attention to a hot burning tongue.


A Teaspoon Of Honey

Slowly sip on honey water for effective results. Honey is a powerful ingredient that has properties, which can tickle the vagus nerve, putting an end to hiccups.


Cocoa Powder

Swallowing a teaspoon of cocoa powder can cure hiccups immediately. Cocoa powder acts on the vagus nerve and calms the spasm.


Stick That Tongue Out

Try this best hiccup cure that works within a second. Stick the tongue out really hard to ease the spasm. This little trick stimulates the vagus nerve to get rid of the problem.


Sweet Treats

Sugar can irritate the oesophagus of your throat. This cure works wonders in no time and is the safest, most effective home remedy for hiccups.


Sour Tangy Food Works Too

Suck on a piece of lemon or gulp down a teaspoon of vinegar to stop that hiccup immediately. Sour foods help to ease the vagus nerve, thus getting rid of hiccups.


Peanut Butter To The Rescue

Chewing the peanuts in the butter can interrupt the breathing pattern, and thus stop the hiccup immediately.


Sniff A Pungent Smell

One of the nasty hiccup cures that works well is by smelling an ingredient that is pungent. White and black vinegar are the best options to help get rid of hiccups in no time.


Follow A Tongue Trick

Massage the roof of your mouth with the tongue. The massage can stimulate the vagus nerve and put an end to the spasm on your diaphragm. This remedy for hiccups should be experimented, as soon as the hiccups begin.


Cough Out That Burp

The smartest way to cure hiccups is to cough it out. Coughing helps the diaphragm to become more constricted, and hence this interrupts the hiccup process.

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