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    10 Best Home Remedies For Cataract

    By Archana Mukherji

    What is cataract? It is a common eye disease that is prevalent among people of all ages. There is a crystalline lens in the eyes behind the iris.

    Light travels into the interior of the eyes via this lens and when there is a formation of a layer of fat cells behind this lens, it leads to cataract.

    Prime Causes Of Cataracts

    The most common symptoms of cataract are blurred or double vision.

    Preventive Measures

    So far there has not been a clear study indicating the exact reason for cataracts or the complete prevention against cataract. However,, there are several home remedies for cataract and a few proactive measures that can be taken to prevent cataracts or slow down the progression of the same.

    Having a regular eye examination can help detect it at a very early stage, thereby with some simple remedies for cataract we can get it treated rather than going for a surgery.

    Full-Proof Ways To Detect Cataracts

    Quitting smoking and alcohol can help prevent the risk of cataract. Try using sunglasses to avoid your eyes from UV rays which is thought to be one reason for cataract problem. Keeping yourself healthy and away from diseases like diabetes also can help you keep away from cataract.

    There are several remedies for cataract, when detected at the early stage. However, if you ignore it for quite some time, you will have to undergo a surgery. Discussed in this article are a few home remedies for cataract that you will find very useful.



    Garlic has been proved to be one of the best home remedies for cataract. Chewing a few garlic pods on a daily basis cleanses the crystalline lens, thereby reducing the effect of cataract.



    Almond is again a great home remedy for cataract, as it has the ability to strengthen vision. Soaking a few almonds in water overnight and consuming them in the morning after being peeled, with some warm milk is very effective for all eye problems.



    Ashwagandha is a medicinal plant used in many ayurvedic medicines and daily consumption of this cures cataract. For people who do not have this problem, ashwagandha acts as a prevention against cataract.


    Carrot, Spinach & Tomato

    Vitamin A is very essential for healthy eyes. Consuming carrot, spinach or tomato juice, which have a high vitamin A content, on a daily basis, is very beneficial for cataract treatment.


    Rosewater-lemon Juice Treatment

    This is a very good remedy when your cataract is in the initial stages. All you need to do is mix one teaspoonful each of rosewater and lemon juice and add about 10 drops of this mixture to your eyes.


    Ginger, Lemon And Onion Juice

    Make a mixture of about 10 gms each of ginger, lemon and onion juice and add some honey to it. Do not add water. Store this mixture and pour about 2-3 drops of this mixture to your eyes everyday to cure cataract.


    Green Tea

    Green Tea is very vital for eye health and all vision-related problems. Consume this everyday atleast 3-4 times for speedy recovery from cataract.



    Wheatgrass juice is one more excellent home remedy for cataract, as it removes the haze from your eyes.



    Bilberry has strong healing properties for cataract. Include this in your regular diet.



    Papaya has the ability to clear the protein that cloud the eyes during cataract problem.

    Story first published: Sunday, April 26, 2015, 16:00 [IST]
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