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Treat Vertigo Naturally With Kitchen Ingredients


Vertigo is a feeling of dizziness, which is caused due to the problem in the vestibular labyrinth region of the ear. In vertigo, the patients feel terrible as everything is moving or spinning at a very fast pace if you are sitting or lying down. Vertigo patients may experience a lot of other symptoms too and it is a terrible phase.

The remedies to treat vertigo are quite simple. You simply need a good amount of rest to allow the feeling to slowly disappear. Following an easy diet too is important and it should contain a lot of water to keep the body energetic.


The causes of vertigo is mainly due to diabetes, lack of sleep, high cholesterol level, smoking, consumption of alcohol, anemia, thyroid disease, dehydration and more. To treat vertigo, naturally the best possible thing to do is to keep your body healthy and away from things that could increase the problem.

Take a look at the simple remedies to treat vertigo:


Do You Notice Them?

Nausea , Dizziness, Everything appears double, Feeling that everything is moving, Light-headedness, Blurred vision etc.



It is very important to get the right amount of sleep when you suffer from vertigo. Get 8 hours of sleep everyday to treat vertigo naturally.



Almond and watermelon seeds are two of the best remedies to treat vertigo. You can also consume poppy seeds to find a cure from this health problem. In a glass of water, add watermelon seeds, poppy seeds, almond seeds and a tablespoon of whole grain. Allow it to soak for an hour. Drink this water with the seeds for complete vertigo releif.



Consume fruit juices which are high in fibre content since they provide you with adequate energy. Keeping yourself hydrated is also important, so sip on water constantly.



Rich in vitamin C, strawberries is the best cure for vertigo. Crush a handful of berries and add them to yoghurt. You can also munch on a few berries as soon as you witness any symptoms of vertigo.



Wild indigo and Butcher's broom are two herbs which help to cure vertigo. Add them to your tea for quicker relief.



To naturally treat vertigo with home remedies, then opt for almond milk. Almonds when crushed and added to milk have vitamin E, vitamin b and good carbohydrates to help cure this problem.



Ginger is one of the best roots which has properties to make you feel better. Since nausea is accompanied with vertigo, sip on ginger tea or chew on a small piece of root for relief.

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