Put An End To Joint Pain After Viral Fever With Home Remedies

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Injury is the most common cause of joint pain, continuous inflammation can cause permanent joint pain and aging too is another cause.

Athletics are more prone to this pain and so are gym addicts.


But, today almost every second person is down with joint pain especially after viral fever. The advanced type of fever which is raging in the city brings upon pain in the wrist, knees, ankles, shoulders, elbow and even the hips.

The virus which affects the joints in this type of viral fever feels like a thousand worms inside the body eating one out. The crumbling pain is unbearable, which is why if these home remedies are followed immediately, it can help to give you some sort of relief.

Take a look at some of the simple and natural remedies for joint pain.


Massage Works

One of the best tips to follow if you want to get rid of joint pain is going in for a herbal massage. Saloons try different herbs ti reduce the pain in your joints after a viral fever.


The Hot & Cold Temps

Insert your feet in hot water and wrap a hot towel over your knees and wherever it hurts. Keep this going for 15 minutes and replace it with a cold compression.


Cider Vinegar

If you want to reduce your joint pain after viral fever, try out these two methods. First, massage your joints with olive oil and apple cider vinegar for 15 minutes. After 10 minutes, drink half a glass of lemon and vinegar solution, it is a natural pain killer for joint pain.


Turmeric Aids Pain

Turmeric is one of the many best ingredients you can use to massage your joints with when suffering with pain. It's inflammation properties will help to decrease the pain in no time.


Berries To The Rescue

Berries has properties like vitamin C which will help heal you from any sort of pain. It is a slow reactor but it works for sure.


Epsom Salts Helps Too

Epsom salts can help you a great deal if your suffering with joint pain after viral fever. Add a tablespoon or two of epsom salts to your bath water or your tub, relax in the water and feel your pain disappear in a week.


Ginger Tea

Another way you can reduce joint pain naturally is with the help of essential teas. Sip on hot ginger tea with a dash of lemon juice added to it. This ginger tea will also curb rashes from appearing on your body.


Garlic Reduces Pain

Just like ginger, garlic too is a very efficient herb which is used to cure any type of pain. You can either add garlic to all your meals or you can make a garlic paste and apply it to the joints that hurt to help decrease the pain naturally at home.



Fenugreek works wonders when it comes to healing pain in the body. Due to its inflammatory properties, swallowing Fenugreek seeds and it's water reduces the pain in no time.


Vitamin K Foods

Vitamin K foods are rich in minerals and calcium too which in turn is helpful for your joints. So, add vitamin K foods to your daily diet and notice the pain decrease gradually.

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