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9 Foods That Prevent Alzheimer's

By: Bindu Gowda
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September 21st is observed as world's Alzheimer's day and it is indeed necessary to create awareness about this disease. Alzheimer's disease is a form of dementia which normally affects the elderly. Alzheimer's hampers memory, reasoning, judging and learning. People suffering from Alzheimer's find it difficult to even maintain their day-to-day activities. Although the specific cause for Alzheimer's is unknown, heredity and old age can be considered as some of its causes.

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The symptoms of Alzheimer's disease vary from person to person. However, there are few common symptoms which include forgetfulness, confusion, not being able to carry day-to-day activities et cetera. People linked with Alzheimer's need special care and concern. They need social support.

It is shocking to know that there is no cure for this disease. However, its symptoms can be alleviated with the usage of certain drugs. Alzheimer's can be prevented to a certain extent too. There are certain foods which reduces the risk of Alzheimer's disease. In today's article we at Boldsky, will share some of the foods that prevents Alzheimer's. Read on to know more about it.



According to research, consuming green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, radish, beans et cetera which are a rich source of vitamin A, C, protein and other nutrients, benefits brain and reduces the risk of Alzheimer's.


Cherries and Berries

Cherries and Berries are recommended for brain diet. These antioxidant rich foods are good for the cognitive functioning and helps to reduce the symptoms of Alzheimer's. Include these fruits and experience the difference.


Almonds and walnuts

Almonds and walnuts are rich in antioxidants and contains high amounts of fibre. Replacing these nuts with your unhealthy snacks puts Alzheimer's at bay.



Including fish in your daily diet, protects the brain functioning and lowers the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease. Salmon is rich in omega 3 fatty acid, which reduces beta-amyloid which is known to trigger Alzheimer's.



Caffeine is an ingredient present in coffee and chocolates. Regular consumption of coffee reduces the risk of developing Alzheimer's and improves memory.


Olive Oil

Olive oil contains a substance called oleocanthal that helps to break down the amyloid which is associated with Alzheimer's disease.



Vegetables play a crucial role when it comes to brain health. Spinach is rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and K which boots brain health. Consuming spinach everyday, can reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease



Turmeric strengthens the immune system. Curcumin is the primary ingredient present in turmeric. Curcumin has been proved to extremely beneficial in preventing Alzheimer's.


Dark Chocolates

Dark chocolates contain flavonoids, which combats against heart disease and also slows down the risk of Alzheimer's.

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