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Home Remedies For Infected Cuts

By Debdatta Mazunbder

Have you cut your finger while slicing onion? Did your child return home with cuts on his knees while playing with friends? Or have you cut yourself while shaving? Whatever the reason is, the cuts are painful. Some cuts heal soon. But sometimes those are too deep to heal.

If you don't have the things to treat the wound, search your kitchen or refrigerator and you will definitely find some home remedies for infected cuts.

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In previous days, when people didn’t depend much on medicines, these remedies were used for healing cuts, burns, scrapes etc. You can find the mention of honey, sugar etc. in the ancient manuscripts of medicine. Modern drugs have these ingredients as the basic components too.

But it is always better to use the known remedies for infected cuts. These home remedies for infected cuts not only repair but also give a soothing feeling. Therefore, use these remedies for infected cuts for faster healing.

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Which home remedies for infected cuts are to use? Read on to know more-


1. Honey

Remedies for infected cuts include this as a healer of almost every kind of cuts. It is proved through several tests that honey heals more efficiently than any regular antibiotic. As honey has components to destroy the bacterial cells, it prevents any further infection.


2. Turmeric

One of the most well-known home remedies for infected cuts. It is popular from ancient times for its antiseptic properties. If you are bleeding, dab the area with turmeric powder. The bleeding will stop and you don't have worry about infections.


3. Garlic

Uou know its ability to enhance the taste of food. Did you know it is a great healer of infected wounds too? Its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties prevent any deep infection. Crush some cloves and spread on the wounds. Wash after 20-25 minutes.


4. Sugar

One of the handy components to stop bleeding instantly. If you have cut your finger or any other part of the body cover the area with a good amount of sugar. Keep it for 15 minutes and wash the area after that.


5. Potato

Don't be surprised! Potato has a very good reputation of reducing inflammation and infection. Dress your wound with a potato poultice. Shred potato and use it on the wound. Don't forget to change the poultice every 2-3 hours.


6. Aloevera

When you search for home remedies for infected cuts, you can't ignore aloevera. If you have a plant at your disposal, cut the leaves in half and apply the gel on the wounds. Aloevera is wonderful in healing cuts and burns.


7. Green Tea

Very effective to stop blood flow. As green tea has anti-bacterial and antiviral properties, it heals the wounds efficiently than any usual medicines. If you have cuts on your body, soak the tea bag in water and dab it on the infected area.


8. Coconut Oil

To prevent infections in the cut, coconut oil is the thing to use. The antiseptic properties of the coconut oil prevents any inflammation and bacterial attack. Coconut is not only good for healing cuts, it is also effective in removing their scars.

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Story first published: Sunday, July 5, 2015, 15:01 [IST]
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