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10 Cancer-Causing Foods To Avoid


Eating food will keep you healthy. But, what if the food itself is dangerous? This is what happening around us nowadays. If you don’t have enough space to have a vegetable garden in your home, the next best choice for you is to know which all carcinogenic foods you have to avoid.

The culprits for health problems are not merely junk foods, but also fruits and vegetables that are contaminated with harmful pesticides. It is important to know the most commonly used foods that cause cancer. This will give you a chance to rethink the next time before you go for a dine out.

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Wrong choice of foods will cause health problems ranging from headache to cancer. Also, it adds to the risk of getting kidney, bladder, liver, pancreas and testicular diseases. The only choice for us to take good care of our health is to avoid cancer causing foods; at least those foods that are known to have carcinogens. Here is a list of cancer causing foods that you should avoid.


Fruits and vegetables with pesticides:

It is well known that fruits and vegetables are good for health. But, there are chances that these foods itself contain carcinogens when contaminated with pesticides.


Canned chips:

Love having some canned chips for your break? Be aware that you are taking carcinogens also along with it. Also, if the chips are made in reused oil, it is even more dangerous.


Junk foods:

Fast foods or junk foods are another common cancer causing foods. These contain many addictives, flavours and preservatives that act as potent carcinogens. Also, the lining of canned foods are made of bisphenol-A( BPA), which is carcinogenic.


Processed meat:

Sausages, hot dogs, bacon, bologna or pimento loaf! No matter how tasty it is, they are all potential carcinogens. If you take these foods regularly, it is time to rethink. These include many preservatives, like sodium nitrates.


Hydrogenated oils:

Vegetable oils are modified in its colour, texture and smell to satisfy the costumers. They are deodorized and colored to get the finishing. Hydrogenated oils are present in processed foods as well.


Salted foods:

There are many studies that show that intake of excess salt is linked to cancer. Salted foods are one of the most important foods that cause cancer. Commercially available pickles also contains high amount of slat and preservatives.


Smoked foods:

When it comes to food, all love to try something variety. But, it is recommended not to include smoking foods in the list. Smoking foods are cancer causing foods that are potentially known carcinogens.



Is it actually under the category of food? Of course yes, at least for a certain percentage who are completely addicted to alcohol. But, it is good for you to understand that you are taking a potential carcinogen.


Genetically modified foods:

Genetically modified organisms( GMO) and genetically modified plants are foods that cause cancer with it high content of chemicals. Read the labels before buying any food products to ensure that it is not from genetically modified sources.


Artificial sweeteners:

No matter how hard you try to avoid sugar from your foods, if you use artificial sweeteners, you are sure to be under risk of cancer. Chemicals in these sweeteners like aspartame will be converted to dangerous toxin called DKP.

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