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    Signs Of Breast Cancer In Men


    As females have breast tissues and ducts which grow during puberty, men also have breast tissues but the development is not complete and their breasts do not develop as much as women.

    But the small amount of breast tissue can also lead to breast cancer in men. This is a very rare condition which is observed in 1 out of 1000 men. Breast cancer is as serious for men as women.

    Signs Of Breast Cancer In Men

    In this article we shall go through some early signs of breast cancer in men which should not be avoided. These signs of breast cancer in males is often observed in men of age 60-70, but it can happen in any age. The following are some early signs of breast cancer in males.

    A painless mass or lump - The early sign of breast cancer in males is the formation of a mass or lump which does not cause any pain. The mass is generally located at the back of the nipple or the area around the nipple. The mass can be felt by bare hand and does not cause much pain. This is also a symptom breast cancer in women. This symptom is the major sign of breast cancer in males. If you feel a mass or lump around your breast you should go to a doctor soon.

    Bleeding from Nipple - Another early sign of breast cancer in males is discharge of blood or a sticku white liquid from the nipples. This is infact a serious sign of breast cancer in males and should not be ignored at all. Bleeding or white discharge from the breast nipples is a severe sign of breast cancer in both men and women.

    Weakness and fatigue - Just like any othef cancer, early signs of breast cancer in males includes weakness and fatigue in the body. The cancer cells multiply rapidly causing the body to feel excessively weak. The body loses energy and there is an observed loss of body metabolism and functioning. Fatigue can get serious and cause dehydration of the body. This is the earliest sign of breast cancer in males as well as females.

    Loss of weight and appetite - The breast cancer symptoms are like any other prgsn cancer. Therefore in the earlier stages there is a considerable and drastic loss of weight. The body does not absorb nutrients from food as efficiently as before. The body also loses capacity of digesting food properly thus causing loss of appetite. The drastic weight loss can be a early sign of breast cancer in males. This is a severe issue and should not be neglected.

    Malfunctioning of the body - A lot of times it happens so that the breast cancer in males goes undetected and the cancer cells spread rapidly across the body causing cancer in other organs. The body functioning also reduces and causes problems with the health and working. The cancer cells spread in organs like prostate and liver. These are one of the most severe signs of breast cancer in males. This should not be avoided for any reasons.

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    Story first published: Sunday, April 13, 2014, 7:00 [IST]
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