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10 Brilliant Home Remedies For Hiccups


Hiccups are a common problem most of us face. Hiccups are mostly caused when there is an interference in the normal functioning of the diaphragm of the body. The interference can be caused due to several reasons including going too fast on the food, overeating, or consuming foods that are too hot or too cold. There exist many effective remedies for hiccups and different ways to cure hiccups. The efficacy of remedies is variable and depends on the impact on the diaphragm.


In this article, we look at some effective home remedies for hiccups. The below mentioned points are basically tips to prevent the occurrence of chronic hiccups and means to stop hiccups. So, let us go ahead and look st these effective remedies for hiccups. Here are 10 ways to stop hiccups. Read on...


The Sweet Treatment

By way of bringing forth a sweet sensation to the nerve endings in the mouth, it is possible to get rid of hiccups. You can use any kind of sweet food to do the trick. Sugar is a good solution to tackle the problem. Place the sweetener on the back of the tongue for better absorption and quick relief.


Closing Your Ears

Medical practitioners have ascertained that closing ones ears is a brilliant way to get rid of hiccups. By doing so, the vagus nerve is stimulated which in turn has a direct impact on the auditory system, causing the intensity of your hiccups to go down.


Gargling With Water

Gargling with water can also do the trick by way of soothing the vagus nerve. In fact, the water treatment is an effective way to bid adieu to hiccups.


Something Sour

Something sour, vinegar for instance, can also do the trick quite impressively. It has an impact on the phrenic nerves which in turn interrupts the hiccups cycle. The disturbance caused by the sour taste o the esophagus is what does the trick.



This is one of the most effective home remedies for hiccups. Honey along with some warm water helps to tickle the vagus nerve, causing hiccups to vanish quite instantly. Put 2 tsp on honey in warm water and place it on the back of your tongue for quick relief.


Suck Water Using A Straw

The effort you make in sucking water from the straw will cause strain in your diaphragm, allowing you to to ease the phrenic and vagus nerves, thereby preventing hiccups.


Holding Your Breath

Holding your breath is a widely practiced method to keep hiccups at bay. Hold your nose and cover your mouth for at least 30 seconds until you realize the hiccups are gone.


An Antacid Tablet

If hiccups are too intense and you don't feel any kind of respite even after several minutes, taking an antacid will benefit your cause. The magnesium content is the antacid tablet has the capability to soothe the nerves in the body.


Go Slow On The Food

This is more of a technique to prevent hiccups rather than get rid of it when it actually occurs. Eating fast is generally associated with an increased incidence of hiccups. Going slow on the food will let you chew better and avoid those hiccups.


Don't Overeat

Another way to avoid getting hiccups is to stay away from overeating. Overeating strains the vagus nerves and the diaphragm, causing you to get hiccups. The more you overeat, the higher the intensity of your hiccups.

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