10 Migraine Triggers To Avoid Headaches

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Do you suffer from frequent headaches? Then you might be suffering from migraine. There are different types of headaches that people suffer from. Migraine is a headache that happens on one side of the head and has definite triggers. Certain foods, sounds or situations, can be triggers for migraine headaches to start.

If you have been having these headaches from some time, you will be able to tell what sets them off. People have different triggers for migraine. For some people, loud music can start off a headache. Others might have foods that trigger off migraine headaches. It depends on your constitution and how your body reacts to certain exposures.

Aged cheese and chocolates are very common triggers that cause migraine headaches. In fact even loud blaring music is very frequent cause of headaches. There are other triggers like alcohol which is pretty universal for all.

Here are some of the worst migraine triggers you will come across.


Aged Cheese

Aged cheese is one of the common migraine triggers of all. Cheese has a chemical called tyramine that sets of the headaches. As the cheese ages, the amount of tyramine in it increases.



The hangover you experience after a night of binge drinking is nothing but migraine headaches. Alcohol causes dehydration in the brain cells and thus, triggers off headaches.


Processed Meat

Sausages, salami, frozen cutlets etc are huge headache triggers for some people. Processed meats contain nitrites and that is why they cause headaches.


Soy Products

Soy products are high on a chemical names phenylethylamine. This chemical is present in all soy products like milk, chunks and bread. So if you are sensitive to phenylethylamine you need to be off soy.


Sun and Shade

The play of sunshine and shade can trigger off a nasty headache for some people. On days that are partially cloudy and sunny, some people come down with massive headaches.



Nuts have the chemicals phenylethylamine and tyramine. This is especially true for peanuts. That is why many people are allergic to nuts.



Fruits that have an astringent taste and are red in colour contain tannins. This is huge trigger for migraines. You need to be off the red apples, peaches and even vinegar if you are sensitive to tanins.


Dry Fruits

Dry fruits are healthy and nutritious but also contains sulfites. Some people are allergic to sulfites and can suffer from headaches after eating dry fruits.


Instant Noodles

Common food additives like MSG or ajino-motto can be headache trigger for many people. Most instant noodles and soups have both these components.


Loud Music

While some people love to blast their music systems, others hate loud music. Blaring music can be a psychological trigger for migraine headaches.

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