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15 Home Remedies To Treat Pneumonia


When it comes to home remedies there are a lot of people who go in for it since it is safe to use and has no side effects. Compared to allopathy medications, home remedies is the best treatment. In the case of the pneumonia, there are so many ways in which you can treat your self to. Home remedies for pneumonia are available in abundance, you just need to find the perfect solution. If you are suffering with pneumonia, trying out these home remedies which is mentioned below will help you get better soon.

If you are unaware of what pneumonia is, we will explain to you the kind of a disease it is. Pneumonia is the inflammation of the lungs. This kind of inflammation is caused by an infection, virus, or bacteria. This disease pneumonia can be a life long disease if not treated immediately. It is also life threatening to the lungs as well if not dealt with in time.

Today, being National pneumonia day, we at Boldsky give you some of the best home remedies to treat this disease. Celebrating National pneumonia day we help you with some of these home remedies which have been listed below. These home remedies to treat pneumonia have been successful over the years in treating this autoimmune disease.

Take a look at these home remedies to treat pneumonia:



One of the best home remedies to treat pneumonia is adding a lot of garlic to your daily diet. Garlic is a natural antibiotic which kills bad germs in the body.



Another best home remedy to treat pneumonia is turmeric/saffron. It is saffron which has a lot of medicinal values in it which is good in curing patients who are suffering from pneumonia.



Just like garlic, ginger too should be added to your daily diet. Ginger treats all types of respiratory diseases. Grated ginger should be added to your tea and is to be consumed early morning on an empty stomach.



Basil which is one of the best herbs to treat pneumonia is generally advised by a lot of experts. It is this herb, basil which aids to kill all the bad bacteria. Basil should be taken at six intervals during the day.


Vitamin C

There are tons of Vitamin C foods which should be consumed by patients who are suffering from pneumonia. Strawberries, guava and tomatoes are some Vitamin C foods to add to your diet.



Patients suffering from pneumonia should consume plenty of water throughout the day. Drinking water will help to keep you hydrated.


Carrot Juice

Carrots are not only good for your eyes but also for your lungs too. It is said that once glass of carrot juice is good for patients who have pneumonia. Carrot juice generates a lot of Vitamin A which is necessary for the sick body.


Cayenne Pepper

Experts say that Cayenne pepper helps to fight infectious pneumonia to a great extent. Cayenne pepper has a very high amount of antimicrobial properties which is good for you to consume.


Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds is one of the main ingredients which should be added to your daily diet if you are suffering from pneumonia. Consuming sesame seeds will help to decrease the bad bacteria in the body.



Instead of sugar, one needs to add honey. It is this golden syrup which has antibacterial properties to help kill the bad germs thriving in the body thus making you weak.


Fenugreek Seeds

It is said that fenugreek seeds have a lot of health benefits. One of the best home remedies to treat pneumonia is by consuming fenugreek seeds.


Black Tea

Patients who are suffering from pneumonia should stay away from all kinds of dairy products. Black tea is the best home remedy to treat pneumonia.



On this National pneumonia day, the best red vegetable which is essential for pneumonia patients is beetroot. It has high amounts of energy and it is good for building up your immunity.


No Animal Proteins

No animal proteins too. However, if you have the tendency to crave for some non-vegetarian food, try seafood. Fish like salmon and tuna are rich in omega fatty acids which is healthy foods.



This is one of the most important herbs to treat pneumonia. The barberry should be mixed along with black tea and consumed twice in a day. The barberry herb tea should be consumed on an empty stomach.

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Story first published: Tuesday, November 12, 2013, 8:17 [IST]
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