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How To Know You Have Skin Cancer?

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There are two types of skin cancer, known as melanoma and non-melanoma. It is the case with most of the people that they tend to ignore the early signs of skin cancer. But, non-melanoma skin cancer is far less dangerous than melanoma skin cancer. No matter, what type it is skin cancer can be as fatal as any other forms of cancer. So, if you find any abnormality with your skin it is always better to consult a doctor. But, how do you know what are the symptoms of skin cancer? Here are a few symptoms by which you can understand that it is skin cancer.

Mole- One of the most obvious signs of skin cancer is the appearance of a mole on your skin. And if this appears suddenly over a period of time, then that can be a cause of real worry. You also need to check if the mole changes its colour or grows in size. Sometimes even darker speckles appear over the moles. These are all among the early signs of skin cancer.

Skin Cancer

Bleeding moles also need a medical attention. Many people consider moles to be harmless as in most of the cases they are present in the human body at the time of birth. But, this is not always the case and if you are having any of the above symptoms then consult a dermatologist straight away.

Tumours- Skin cancer usually takes place in the outer layer of the skin. Hence the symptoms of skin cancer are easy to diagnose in some cases. Skin cancer primarily occurs due to the over exposure to sun rays. When the normal skin cells multiply without control then they form tumours in the skin. But, they are fatal only if they are malignant. So, if you have developed a tumour in any part of the body then this might just be one of the symptoms of skin cancer.

Birth Marks or Freckles- Malignant melanoma is one of the types of skin cancer that tends to spread to other parts of the body. If you have developed freckles or your birth marks tends to change colour or shape then this might be one of the skin cancer symptoms that needs diagnosis.

Sores- An elevated part of the skin, red lump or a sore that does not tend to heal are all possible signs of skin cancer. Look for such symptoms as they may be skin cancer. They need your attention and not negligence.

All these are some symptoms of skin cancer. Look for them all over your body and go for a regular self examination routine.

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