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Six Foods To Cure Your Depression!

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The term "Comfort Foods" are very popular among today's generation. Comfort foods are those which are eaten to make one feel instantly better. Ice creams, fried foods, chips and cookies are the most common comfort foods, but they do not provide a long term solution to depression. If you notice that you are constantly depressed and have been medically examined, there are certain foods that consist of ingredients that can help cure depression scientifically. Here is the list of few foods that will help you in curing depression in a longer run.

1. Almonds- They are a great source of magnesium and a reduction in magnesium produce neuropathologies that lead to depression. Other magnesium rich foods are black beans, spinach and potatoes.

Foods That Cure Depression

2. Sea Food- Free Radicals are caused when there is a stressful situation in a person's life and these free radicals are one of the main causes of depression. Free radicals kill natural living cells, which leads to psychological issues. Regular consumption of sea food like Salmon, Tuna, Harding, and Pollock fight the free radicals and controls depression. Once the free radicals are taken care of, the person will instantly start feeling lighter and fresh.

3. Milk- If you are feeling depressed make it a point to include milk or other milk products like yogurt in your diet. Milk contains a large quantity of Omega-3 fatty acids that will help you feel fresher and more positive, by reducing free radicals in the body. Make sure not to add caffeine to your milk as it worsens depression in the long run.

4. Chicken- After all the negative things heard against the consumption of chicken, chicken lovers finally have something to rejoice about. Chicken, which is rich in protein, also contains an essential amino acid called tyrosine, which helps clear out your mind and boosts your energy during the day.

5. Carbohydrates- Don't completely remove carbohydrates from your diet, since you have heard that they pile on the kilos in your body. There have been many tests to prove that carbohydrates do in fact have a direct connection in uplifting your mood because of the brain chemical, serotin. Remove the unhealthy carbs from your diet like the sugars in pastries and sodas, but make sure your diet contains a whole lot of healthy carbs found in legumes, cereals and whole grains.

6. Dark Chocolate- Last but not the least to help alleviate depression is dark chocolate. The cocoa present in dark chocolate has very rich anti depressant properties, because it contains a large quantity of serotin, dopamine and phenylethylamine which are all associated with feelings of well being. It also contains B vitamins that aid with brain health.

So before you lose hope over your condition and resort to more extreme measures and therapies, try introducing these foods in your diet and you will notice a huge difference in your state of mind!

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Story first published: Thursday, June 14, 2012, 9:17 [IST]
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