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Are You Affected By Ringworm?

By Sneha
Ringworm is caused due to a fungal infection on the skin. Well do not get disillusioned by the name ringworm. It is caused not by any worm but by a fungus. It's very important to know ringworm symptoms as it is communicable. It affects parts of the body like scalp, body, feet and nails. Children are most affected by it. A ringworm infection gets worse during summer. Dampness, humidity and crowded areas also increase the risk of infection. People with diabetes, leukemia and AIDS are more prone to getting a ringworm infection.

More than being dangerous this disease is actually irritating as people infected with it are treated as untouchables because of its infectious nature. So, is it not better to be well aware of ringworm symptoms to avoid such problems?

A ringworm infection does not usually get out of hand and is completely curable. But it might take a few weeks to disappear completely. Let us look into a few ringworm symptoms and cures.

Ringworm Symptoms:

· If you develop red, itchy, swollen and scaled patches on your skin then it needs to be immediately diagnosed as all these are ringworm symptoms.

· Most often the infection is in the form of a well-defined ring, but it is not the same always.

· Ringworm is most common in children so, if you find any itching problem in any part of your child's body, check with a doctor to ensure.

· Jock itch is a kind of ringworm and it develops in the skin folds.

· If you happen to develop ring worm on your hands, you will find that it almost resembles athlete's foot. The skin grows scaly and itchy.

Ringworm Cures:

· Consult a doctor to cure your skin infection. You get medicines and ointments for it. It is completely curable by this means.

· Before you use any cream advertised on television, do confirm with a chemist or druggist if it is safe for your ringworm scar.

· Keep the affected part of skin clean and do not wear anything that irritates the area.

· Use washed and disinfected clothes, and beds sheets every day.

· Avoid touching pets with bald marks as they are the most common carriers of the fungus.

· Shampoo your hair regularly and always wear slippers.

· Do not share any one's comb, towel, clothes or head gear. All these are mediums of germ transmission. Always clean such items before using.

We have mentioned some of the symptoms and cures of ringworm in humans. But, humans are not the only ones affected by it. Even animals suffer from it and are prime carriers of this infecting fungus. If you follow the simple ringworm cures mentioned above you can prevent and get rid of this skin disease easily.

Story first published: Tuesday, June 19, 2012, 16:49 [IST]
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