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Neti Treatment For Nasal Troubles

By Staff

Researchers have rejected the association of cough with cold weather. Cough is a mucus which can aggravate in any season depending on the sensitivity of a body. Running nose is a regular problem, which all of us face and with increasing levels of pollution, this disease is getting dominant day by day. Well, the antibiotics are not a solution. They are temporary cures and in some cases, they might even have side effects. Doctors now prescribe, the use of nose wash.

One study discovered that people were more likely to return to work sooner after using the nose washes, and there was some evidence that nasal washes might reduce antibiotic prescriptions among those who seek the saltwater treatment.

King said, "Nasal irrigation with saline is a safe treatment that may be mildly beneficial to some patients, though the existing evidence is too limited to recommend it as a standard treatment. It is quite amazing that such a common treatment for a very common illness does not have a large body of evidence to support for or against its use."

Saltwater washes have long been a part of ayurvedic care on the India. To be precise, it is called Neti. The Neti pot, is a a small spouted pot used to pour water through the nostrils - has been increasing in the West.

Saline nasal washes could flush out excessive mucus and infectious bacterias, and might strengthen the nose's own filtration system of waving, hair-like cilia.

The saline washes can reduce the amount of decongestants, painkillers and improperly prescribed antibiotics. A research has confirmed that the economic impact of the common cold alone on workplace absenteeism is estimated to be billions of dollars.Saline water wash might also be a cure for nasal allergies and many other nasal infections.

Story first published: Friday, March 19, 2010, 11:28 [IST]
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