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Samantha Ruth Prabhu Fitness: 6 Quick Tips You Need To Learn From The Pan-India Star

One actress who's been dominating the headlines lately: Samantha Ruth Prabhu. Whether it's her role in the OTT series The Family Man or her appearance on Karan Johar's talk show 'Koffee With Karan,' she's a social media powerhouse.

Samantha Ruth Prabhu represents fitness goals for many of us. Snippets of the actor's fitness routine make their way onto our Instagram feed, sure to inspire us to take our workouts seriously. It doesn't matter if it's high intensity or yoga; Samantha can ace them all.

Samantha Ruth Prabhu Fitness

1. Start your day with a workout

Samantha works out first thing in the morning. Studies show that morning exercise helps you cultivate consistency and boosts your metabolism. Exercise not only gives you energy and stamina, but it also leaves you feeling positive afterwards [1].

2. Always prep your body

"Nutrition is a big part of my fitness regime, and you all know, I give my 100% to it. Of course, my only source of nutrition is plant-based, and it is now my strength," she shared in one of her Instagram posts. "Breaking the myth that one cannot enhance their performance, build lean muscle on a plant-based diet," she said. The actor said, "you need the energy to work out well," she said in an interview. In addition to providing plenty of nutrients, fibre, and antioxidants, plant-based protein can also contribute to your overall health [2].

3. Keep your body active by trying out new workouts

Whether aerial yoga, gymnastics, parkour, or weightlifting, Akkineni isn't afraid to try something new. "Never be afraid to try new things." In a caption of one of her workout videos, she wrote, "You'll be surprised at what you can do." Jogging or walking is a must for her, even if she can't squeeze a sweat session in.

4. Cycling = all-rounder exercise

Samantha enjoys spending time cycling with her friends. The low-impact nature of this exercise builds consistency, increases leg strength, improves core strength, and improves cardiovascular fitness [3].

5. Workout is therapy

"I still struggle with getting to the gym," shared Samantha in an interview. "But when I see the results, I am happy to keep going. It becomes almost like therapy. That is the only time you dedicate time to yourself. You put all that aggression, worry, and stress into your workout, and you let go," she shared.

Psychological therapists can recommend and integrate exercise into their clients' treatment programs in various ways. Exercise is an evidence-based intervention for anxiety, depression, and other disorders [4].

6. Be attentive to your body and mind

For days when her body needs a break, the actor turns to guided meditation and breathwork. She shared her meditation journey on Instagram, "Today I'm starting my 48 days of Isha Kriya." According to experts, taking a few days off benefits your fitness and training [5].

[image source: Instagram]
Story first published: Thursday, August 11, 2022, 17:17 [IST]
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