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Kriti Sanon's Top 5 Fitness Tips

Fitness isn't all about perfection for Kriti Sanon. Her fitness regimen is a lesson in ingenuity, to say the least, from shattering the stereotypically lean body idea and replacing it with a healthy body to admitting she's a work in progress.

Ahead, we round up fitness takeaways from Kriti Sanon. She doesn't miss a warm-up and makes sure that she is as honest as she can get with her fans regarding her workout routines.

Check out Kriti Sanon's Top 5 Fitness Tips below.

Kriti Sanon's Workout Routine: 5 Tips Everyone Can Make Use Of

1. Keep your warm-ups 'up'

There's something about warming up that gets the cardiovascular system going by increasing body temperature and blood flow to the muscles. Ms Kriti Sanon says to do it before jumping into a rigorous workout. In addition to helping with muscle soreness, a good warm-up can keep you from getting injured during an intense workout [1].

2. Motivate yourself

In an Instagram post, Kriti Sanon shared her workout routine and body transformation for her film Mimi, where she gained 15 kgs to play a pregnant protagonist. The post mentioned how she stopped working out during her weight gain, so motivating herself was what got her back on track when she returned to her fitness routine.

3. Training your muscles is key

In her Instagram versus Reality post, Kriti Sanon reveals a reality check about her fitness routine on leg day, which can send shivers down one's spine, but social media videos make it seem effortless. In addition to improving metabolism, burning calories, and toning muscles, strength training can be challenging to pursue [2].

4. Get a workout buddy

Even though some people prefer working out solo, having a workout buddy is always good. Kriti may have her celebrity buddies, doesn't mean that you need one too. It's not just about having a good time at the gym. A gym partner can help you stay focused, build a healthy competitive spirit, share new exercise hacks and keep you on track [3].

5. Perfection vs progress

In some way, we've all struggled with the idea of perfection, especially with having a stereotypical lean-fit body. It can be hard to share your workout routines online due to the judgement that comes along, but Kriti Sanon breaks down that barrier with her honesty.

Taking to Instagram, the actor said, "I thought about putting it up, but then I realized it wasn't perfect! What's the point of perfection anyway?" So guys, don't worry about perfection -just focus on the progress and your body!

Story first published: [IST]
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