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At 43, This Is What Sushmita Sen's Daily Fitness Regime And Diet Looks Like

Workout routines for many people tend to reduce with by age. As they grow old, most of them push their bodies away from the hardcore exercise training, thinking they are not strong enough to do it. But the Miss Universe (1994) and renowned actress Sushmita Sen begs to differ at 43.


Sushmita Sen is one of those people who gets better with age. She is defying ageing with her extreme workout regime, discipline, and consistency. If you are fortunate enough to have a glimpse of her fitness routine, you will find Sushmita's envy-inducing gym selfies and exercise videos which will be enough for you to understand why she is all over the media for her fitness tale.

Sushmita's recent post on Instagram doing her workout in a gymnastic ring has received more than 1 million views in a day leaving everyone in awe.


Workouts Followed By Sushmita Sen

a) Core strengthening workout

Captioned "Stay Strong Be Different", she believes that true fitness comes with discipline. She does core strengthening workout for around two hours each day at her well-equipped home gym. In this workout, shoulder rotation and head-to-toe mobility exercise are a prominent feature.

b) Suspension training

Sen's comeback story after a slip disc injury (2008-2009) has inspired many and nowadays, she is acing multiple forms of suspension training including aerial silk yoga. She mentions that her favourite is aerial silk which is performed while hanging from a silk robe.

c) Callisthenics form of workout

Known for her enthusiasm in trying out new forms of workouts, she spends hours researching new techniques, learning every minute details, and dividing it off to see which suits her best. This makes her proficient in many forms of workouts like callisthenics, combination martial arts and others.

d) Upside down workout

Sushmita recalls that all her life she was told what to do what not to do, but the only thing she heard was 'do'. She believes with all her heart that quick results are just a myth and one shouldn't focus on it, but continue their work with patients, as she does every day. Several studies have mentioned that upside-down exercise keeps muscles strong and improves brain function.

e) Partner yoga

According to Sushmita Sen, "Working out together is a bliss!" She also performs partner yoga with her boyfriend Rohman Shawl who is a freelance model. There are several of her posts on Instagram that shows their bonding and workout together.

Training That Keeps Sushmita Fit

a) Boxing

When it comes to trying out new ways of staying fit, Sushmita never shies away. Her latest video of trying out boxing proves that she is always ready for a challenge. In the video posted on Instagram, she was seen practising boxing with her trainer. It seems that this 43-year-old diva leaves no stone unturned to stay fit and happy in her life.

b) Dance

Be it acting, workouts, or dance, this woman is versatile and extremely talented. Her fondness for dance can be traced back to her childhood and from an early age she used to twirl and laugh and that made her happy and kept her balanced and graceful always.

c) Swimming

Sushmita says that she loves to float in the swimming pool when it rains and this is also one of her fitness mantras. She does swimming once or twice in a week to keep her fit and relaxed. This also makes her mood calm and peaceful.

d) Diet

When it comes to diet, Sushmita's mantra is eating healthy and not starving. She is herself a cooking enthusiast and prepares her food most of the time. However, her daily meal plans include:

  • Early morning:A glass of lukewarm water or ginger tea.
  • Breakfast:A bowl of porridge with 3 egg whites or a fruit bowl.
  • Lunch:A small portion of rice(carbohydrates), black dal (protein), any green vegetable, grilled fish(vitamins) and 2 chappatis.
  • Evening snacks:Fresh vegetable juice with some healthy munching biscuits.
  • Dinner:A bowl of plain curd or cucumber raita with a piece of meat for some protein.

Take A Cue From Sushmita's Fitness Tips

  • Stay hydrated all the time
  • Eats at two hours interval to boost the metabolism rate in the body.
  • Focus on regular exercise
  • A nutritious and balanced diet plan is a must.
  • Keep yourself physically and mentally active all the time.

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