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What Does The Natural Human Diet Comprise Of

By Avni Porwal

It is true that without good health, you can't think of wealth and happiness in your life. To lead a healthy and prosperous life, a nutritious, balanced diet is required.

The food which one is consuming should comprise of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats, proteins, phytochemicals, and antioxidants.

A person's daily diet should comprise of these nutrient constituents for the proper functioning of the body metabolism. In our proper healthy daily diet, a person can include food items such as green tea, oats, apples, green leafy vegetable, eggs, chicken and fish, almonds, tomatoes, beans and legumes, and yogurt.

Best Dietary Practices of Human Beings - An Overview

The best dietary practices for modern humans are judged on the basis or study of the foods eaten by the closest living relatives of modern humans. Since not many absolute and accurate authentic data is available as to what the primitive human population's natural diet should have been and therefore, to arrive at the natural healthy diet of the modern human population, their closest relatives of the past era are considered.

It has been found that fruits and vegetables are not only good for us but are vital to our survival. Our body is so accustomed to vegetarian diets derived from nature sources that all the essential minerals and vitamins required for the proper functioning of the body depends on it.

The deficiency of any of the essential vitamins or nutrients may lead to dangerous diseases, even death. We are dependent on having lots of plant-based foods in our diet, and when we do not, we may suffer from several health-related consequences.

The concern nowadays is the shift to animal-sourced foods. Even junk food in substitute of vegetables was not found to be so hazardous as opposed to beef, red meat intake, as these foods are rich in fats and proteins but they generate a high amount of cholesterol, leading to cardiovascular diseases like heart attack.

Hence, if the persons following a low-carbohydrate diet consume more salads, then it is extremely beneficial to them rather than animal-sourced foods. If there is one thing to note from the studies of ancestral diets, perhaps it's that "diets are based largely on plant foods to promote health and longevity."

The True Human Diet

The true human diet signifies the Natural Diet, i.e., the diet which comes to the human beings naturally from their ancestral age to their age and it depends upon the physiological features and the physiological changes of the human beings with time.

Our tooth is not so powerful as of other mammals and hence we cannot eat animals by hunting and eating them in an alive condition. We kill the animals and cook it to lend taste and then we eat them. This is natural to us.

Consumption of green vegetables and fruits are also natural to us. But with the advent of modern era, our inclination towards different forms of food has changed. A resultant, metabolic syndrome, has developed, leading to a cluster of conditions that include elevated blood pressure, high blood sugar level, obesity and abnormal cholesterol levels.

It has been difficult to judge what should be the natural diet for a human being, as the ancestors of ours have lived in different eras and the food habits of theirs have changed with times. The physiological features of an Asian, European or an American or an African differ and hence their bodies need the nutrients in accordance with their height and shape.

Thus, their natural diet comprises of constituents in different proportions and it depends upon their locality and weather and environment of the place. The food that we derive from plants mainly consists of their leaves, seeds, fruits, roots, stems, etc.

The Stone Age predecessors belonging to us ate the plant foods three or more times than we do, approx., nine servings daily of fruits as well as vegetables, whereas due to our busy schedule and poor dietary lifestyle, we fail to consume even a fraction of the healthy nutrients that our predecessors used to consume.

It's well known that too much cholesterol proves to be harmful to the human body. But the people nowadays are ignorant of the fact that animal-sourced foods are the root causes of cholesterol, which is harmful to the body. Most of the people have difficulty while eliminating the amounts of cholesterol that they have in the form of animal supplements.

So, make it a point to include natural diet foods in balanced and moderate form. Do not stick to one type-specific food for maintaining your overall health. Include as much as different types of healthy fruits and vegetables in your diet as per your natural food habits.

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