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Want To Gain Weight? Here's A Simple Tip!

While many people seek for a diet that helps them in shedding weight, there are some looking for a diet that would help them gain weight.

So the big question is, does honey and milk combo help you gain weight? Of course it does! Owing to its calorie content, honey is useful in gaining weight, and it is a known fact that milk, being a complete diet in itself, contributes to high calorie intake as well.

If you are interested in gaining weight, it is a good idea to either have both these foods on an empty stomach in the morning, or at night before sleeping. Either way, it helps gain a healthy amount of weight.

Having milk before bedtime adds calories to the body. The idea is to have the overall calorie intake more than the calories burnt in a day through various activities during the daily routine such as walking, climbing stairs, exercising, sleeping, and so on.

Whole milk really helps one to gain weight, due to its high fat content. It provides the extra calories that are required to put on the extra kilos. A single cup of whole milk can provide around 150 calories.

Consuming 2 cups on a daily basis, along with the relevant diet, can easily help put on around a pound per week. There are many ways to customize the whole milk as per your taste and liking. For instance, having its chocolate version can be a good motivation for some, since the carbohydrates level in it will be higher.

Also, whole milk can be taken as a smoothie by blending it with blueberries, almonds, etc. Oatmeal or quinoa porridge in whole milk may be an option too. Thus, having milk in the morning, or before bedtime is an excellent way to increase calorie consumption on a healthy level.

Honey can be called as a nutrient-rich and calorie abundant food too. Interestingly, it is also used to lose weight. In a combination with warm water, along with lemon or cinnamon, honey helps burn those extra accumulated calories or fats.

However, in combination with milk, it helps gain weight. It has around 80% of carbohydrates to offer, along with approximately 2% of vitamins & minerals, and the rest is water. There is absolutely no fat content in honey.

Due to its high carbohydrate content, honey has the ability to provide tremendous energy during intense workouts. Also, having lots of honey makes the sugar in it to be stored in the form of fat in the body. It may be noted that the sugar in honey is in its natural form, and does not get stored as junk fat.

Now that the individual benefits of milk and honey have been discussed, it is needless to say that in a combined form, both provide enhanced taste and benefits. Adding vanilla extract along with cinnamon to honey and milk not only improves the flavour, but also makes the drink more interesting.

It is more beneficial to take the milk & honey combination at bedtime for weight gain, as compared to early morning. This is because the slowness of the digestion process at night hour tends to help the body absorb more calories that in turn leads to more weight.

And of course, the quantity as well as frequency need to be more, to see evident changes in the overall weight. It is advisable to mix honey in warm milk, instead of hot or boiling milk. Honey at a high temperature can be almost like glue that the body would be unable to digest.

It may lead to stomach ache, painful excretion, constipation or any other issue as a result of the indigestion. Therefore, to avoid any danger to the metabolism, honey should always be mixed in warm or cold milk, as per one's choice or taste.

In addition to an overall healthy diet full of carbohydrates, protein, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, etc., milk & honey provide a nutritious boost to the weight. All in all, the consistent and appropriate consumption of milk & honey does result in an overall weight gain. It is indeed a brilliant combination!

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