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Top 10 Best Soups for Weight Loss

Best Soups For Weight Loss | सूप पीऐं, वजन घटाऐं | Boldsky

Warm, delicious, and soothing, soups are like a balm for your soul.

And the best part is: not only are they super healthy, they are also a great meal substitute when you are trying to stay fit and slim down.

So here are 10 of the best soups for weight loss that you should definitely add to your daily meals.


#1 Coriander and Lemon Soup

Simple, classy, and chock-full of vitamin C, a bowl of lemon-coriander soup is your fast-track ticket to good health because of its ability to boost white blood cell production in your body and improve your overall immunity.

Plus, it is a light broth that will fill you up but not add any calories!


#2 Indo-Chinese Manchow Soup

If you have never tried Manchow soup, you have seriously missed out one of the most delicious and satisfying experiences in the culinary world.

Why? Because this hearty soup is served with a generous helping of fried noodles on top, which gives you a mouthful of crunchy goodness every time you put a spoonful in your mouth.

And the best part is: this soup is very low in calories. Just remember not to overdo the fried noodles.


#3 Mexican Tortilla Soup

Mexico is known for its hearty food and for its equally delicious ingredients (think: jalapenos, avocados, and tomatillos).

And this soup is no different.

Cooked with tortilla corn chips, veggies and chicken, this is a classic chicken soup with a Mexican twist.

You can read the full recipe here.


#4 Chicken Mushroom Broth

This simple broth is made with chicken stock, fresh mushroom, and veggies of your choice. That's why it is the perfect meal when you are struck by hunger pangs but are on a mission to lose weight fast.


#5 Penang Laksa Soup

The classic Penang Laksa soup is consumed predominantly in the South-east Asian countries of Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand. And there are two variants of this delicious, flakey mackerel soup.

The first variant is cooked with spicy coconut milk to give it a sumptuous richness.

And the second, more calorie-conscious variant, is prepared with tamarind water to give it its distinct sour taste that goes well with the fish in the broth.


#6 Ginger Vegetable Soup

Ginger is an incredible root capable of many medical miracles. And one of them is its ability to remove excess water from your body, thus helping you lose weight.

And this simple broth-like soup offers you the same benefit.


#7 Chicken Noodle Soup

Chicken Soup for the Soul is the name of a world-famous book series. And there's a reason why that name was chosen for books that are basically a compilation of raw human stories full of raw human emotions.

It's because chicken soup truly touches your soul and warms you up from the inside.

Plus, it is a balanced meal with proteins (from the chicken) and carbs (from the noodles), and therefore, great for your weight-loss efforts.

You can try it at home with this recipe.


#8 Tomato Soup

This list will be incomplete if I do not mention the classic tomato soup.

Rich in vitamin C and other essential nutrients, but low in calories, this soup is the best soup you can have if you want to lose weight.


#9 Broccoli and Scallop Soup

This seafood food is made with fresh scallops and broccoli, and so is not for everyday consumption (as the ingredients are quite expensive).

But if you are heading out for a dinner and are wondering what to have to stick to your weight-loss goal but still enjoy your time outside, then this is the soup for you.

You can try it out with this recipe here.


#10 Spinach and Cream Soup

While cream-based soups are not really recommended for people who want to lose weight as this ingredient is quite high in calories, but here's an exception to that rule.

Why? Because the hearty goodness of spinach and its abundant nutrients more than make up for the richness of the cream you put in it.

Just remember to hold back on the amount of cream you add to the soup to be on the safe side.

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