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The Watermelon Diet For Weight Loss

Have you ever thought of losing weight by eating a bunch of watermelons? Yes, watermelons are effectively known in losing weight. In this article, we will be writing about watermelon for weight loss diet.

The watermelon diet is a superb way of losing weight and it naturally detoxifies the body, without leaving you hungry. The watermelon diet is known as one of the healthiest weight loss diets because it not only shows positive results but also provides you energy.

Watermelon is a nutrient-dense fruit characterized by its high water content and low calories. That's one of the main reasons why it is a great food for weight loss. The incredible fruit provides high amounts of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Having watermelons daily as a part of your diet will decrease the risk of obesity, heart disease and diabetes.

Read on to know more about the watermelon diet for weight loss.

How Watermelon Diet For Weight Loss Works?

Watermelon diet is very good for people who want to restore a balanced and a healthy lifestyle. In addition, this wonderful fruit is one of the best foods for losing weight.

A watermelon diet means, you would have to consume a watermelon all day during breakfast and dinner. This type of a diet is generally prescribed to a person who is striving to lose weight fast.

This diet is also for people who want to get rid of the excess toxins, salts and other impurities from their body.
As you would be consuming just watermelons for a week, so you need to take care about the proportion as well.

How Much Watermelon Should We Have In A Day?

While on a watermelon diet, you should ensure that the amount of fruit you are consuming doesn't exceed the prescribed limit. The ideal quantity is 1:10. To simplify it, if you are weighing 60 kg, you need to eat 6 kg of watermelon during the diet. It totally depends on how much weight you want to lose.

An average watermelon diet contains 150 kcal per serving during the day and you need to consume this portion 8 times in a day.
The fruit consists of 97 percent of water, so you can avoid drinking too much of water.

What Do The Experts Say?

According to nutritionists, these types of diets appeal to people because they have a lot of structure but only require a short commitment. The finite time period of the watermelon diet provides dieters a realistic and an achievable goal.

The watermelon diet will help in cleansing the body because it consists of water and it's low in calories too. Its hydrating and refreshing qualities is perfect during the summer season.

Other Benefits Of Watermelon Diet For Losing Weight

  • Watermelons help in increasing the amount of arginine, a type of amino acid in the body. This is good for producing nitrous oxide for relaxing the blood vessels. It also helps in preventing heart attack and stroke.
  • A watermelon diet increases fertility in men by increasing the sperm count.
  • Watermelons are diuretic and a blood tonic which eases liquid and eliminates waste from the body.
  • 100 grams of watermelons contain 7 grams of sugar and 32 calories.
  • Watermelons being a rich source of fibre aid in maintaining a good digestive function. This scrumptious fruit is best for diabetics too, as it's low in carbohydrates and sugars.

How To Follow The Watermelon Diet?

By now you know that watermelons are perfect for losing weight quickly. It's very important to know that the diet can only be done for a week or 5 days, without going overboard, as this can cause negative health effects.

Note: Pregnant women and children should avoid this kind of a diet. Also, it's advisable that during these days, you should not workout really hard.

Watermelon diet is the best option for a person who has a liver or kidney condition. You can opt for watermelon salad with some flax seeds or chia seeds. You can also have a glass of watermelon juice.

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