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    Paleo Diet: Here's A Plan For Weight Loss

    By Tanya Ruia

    The diet known as the Paleolithic diet, abbreviated as Paleo diet is the ancient time diet which refers to what people ate back then in time as compared to what they eat now. The major ingredients of this diet are fruits, vegetables, nuts, meat, roots, etc., and does not include grains, legumes, dairy products, salt, refined sugar and processed oil. The diet is lower in carbohydrates as compared to our everyday diet and much higher in protein.
    Generally, the diet lasts only for 3 months.

    There are some strict rules to be followed and noticed before starting the Paleo diet. Below are those mentioned rules and regulations:

    paleo diet plan for weight loss indian

    1. No sugar, jaggery, palm sugar, brown sugar, artificial sweeteners of any
    kind and no honey. Avoid anything which has a sweet taste.

    2. Paleo vegetables: Except beans, tubers like potatoes, yam and other roots,
    mango, raw banana, all other veggies must be the Paleo veggies. Take carrots and beetroots
    in less quantities.

    3. Avoid all grains (rice, wheat, oats, maize, corn, soya, ground nut and others)
    and all pulses (dal, green grams, black grams and all other grams, sprouts).

    4. Milk: Only cow's or buffalo milk. Don't remove the upper fat layer in milk
    and drink. After fermenting the curd, the yellow water which accumulates above the curd
    should be removed. It contains more sugar. Only if curd has been prescribed for you, you could have it, otherwise not.

    5. Fruits: Only raw guava (ripe guava not allowed) and avocados can be had. No other fruits. Strictly no juices allowed.

    6. No dry fruits: You can have berries (jamun fruit, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, cranberries, etc.). They are available as sugared products. That is not allowed. Buy only un-sugared ones. You can have like 3-4 number of berries (any one type of berry) per

    7. Chicken means chicken with skin; mutton means mutton plus you have to purchase 100 gram mutton fat and cook and eat that as well. Don't include bone weight. If you are purchasing it with bones, buy 20% weight extra.

    8. You can't deep fry any items. Shallow frying is allowed.

    9. No tamarind allowed.

    10. Don't miss the three meals.

    Don't think about organic products now. Buy whatever is available for you. In initial phases if your hunger is not reduced, eat more eggs/paneer/non-veg. You can also have one more butter tea.

    This is just a diet. So while on this diet, if you get regular illness like cold, cough, fever, vomiting, loose motion, etc., please visit a nearby doctor and take injections and drugs. During those times, try to take our diet itself. Alcohol must be completely stopped before starting this diet. While on this diet, alcohol causes severe intoxication and liver damage. SO AVOID ALL TYPES OF ALCOHOL completely.

    Raw turmeric, which is available during the festival season, can be had. Remove peel-size
    one inch + tulsi leaves-3, pepper-8, small onion-1 and you can chew and eat
    these or can swallow with water. You have to take it after a fatty meal
    (mostly dinner).

    After that, take 4 garlic pieces (size of a cashew) and cut
    them. Keep them in a plate for 10 minutes and swallow it using water. Don't
    bite. By keeping 10 minutes outside, garlic's good effects will enhance.

    Many will cross this stage. But
    some may lose hope and may quit the diet. If you are serious about quitting the diet, please
    follow the below step-by-step Paleo diet first.

    You can follow each stage for 15 days and proceed to the next stage:
    Stage 1: Junk food stage: Avoid, all kinds of sugar, ice cream, sweets, pizza, burger, soft drinks and alcohol. You can have coffee or tea, but without sugar. Otherwise take regular foods thrice a day

    Stage 2: Breakfast stage: Take 100 almonds or 3 eggs as breakfast. Continue regular lunch and dinner foods. You have to change the cooking oil to ghee, butter or coconut oil at this stage.

    Stage 3: Dinner stage: After finishing the 2 stages, you could go in for the third stage. It may contain non-veg, paneer and/or vegetables.

    Stage 4: Lunch:
    After completing stage 2 and 3, you could start with this stage.

    This is a sample meal plan. You can take it or you can create your own meal plan with other options as well.

      Immediately after waking up in morning 7 am
    8 am 
    11 am  Lunch
    1 pm 
    Snacks  Dinner
    Day 1  2 glasses of warm water mixed with 30 ml of coconut oil
    (for all days) 
    Hibiscus tea
    Black tea
    Black coffee
    Green Tea
    (for all days) 
     Almond + Butter tea  Guava. Amla + lemon juice Cheese omlette + kefir  Veg soup + Hibiscus tea  Chicken/ mutton/ fish 
    Day 2      Almond + Butter tea   Spinach curry, Amla+ lemon juice Cheese omlette+ kefir  Non veg soup+ Hibiscus tea  Paneer bhurji/ Paneer tikka 
    Day 3      Almond + Butter tea  Spinach smoothie+ lemon juice  Mushroom + vegetables+ kefir  Raw guava+ Hibiscus tea  Paneer bhurji/tikka 
    Day 4     Almond + Butter tea  Mutton soup, Amla+ lemon juice  Cheese + eggs+ kefir  Avocado berry smoothie+ Hibiscus tea  chicken/ mutton/ fish 
    Day 5      Almond + Butter tea  Chicken soup, Amla+ lemon juice  Cauliflower rice + sabji+ kefir  Raw guava+ Hibiscus tea  Chicken/ mutton/ fish  
    Day 6      Almond + Butter tea   Veg soup, Amla+ lemon juice eggs + cheese+ kefir   Veg sald+ Hibiscus tea Paneer butter masala 
    Day 7     Almond + Butter tea  Raw guava, Amla+ lemon juice  Mushroom + cheese + coconut+ kefir  Avocado berry smoothie+ Hibiscus tea  Palak paneer 

    Cauliflower rice: Take cauliflower, grate it using a mixie or blender, boil it. This is called cauliflower rice. You can make lemon rice, tomato rice, curd rice, rasam rice (without dal), coconut rice using cauliflower. You can take any grams of cauliflower per day. It has no calories.

    Take two lemons: make juice with one litre water, add salt. You can sip it whole day.

    Avocado Berry smoothie: Take avocado 150 grams, strawberry 10 numbers, cream (available in supermarket), vanilla flavour, stevia. Blend everything in a mixie and drink

    You can have milk 100 ml, curd 100 ml, daily at anytime of the day. But you can add milk in butter tea or butter coffee.

    Take coconut milk 100 ml daily instead of taking raw coconut without sugar. This is good for acidity and ulcer.

    Epsom Salt

    Take equal parts of mineral water and Epsom salt and boil it and stir. Cool it and pour it in a spray bottle. Spray it on the arms and legs and abdomen before sleeping. Initially, you may get a tingling sensation. It may disappear later.

    When we do this, our body gets enough of magnesium and blood pressure becomes normal, stress gets reduced and we may get deep sleep. Also, magnesium relieves cramps. Almonds are rich in magnesium, but present less in other foods. Stools may soften on using this spray. When you get loose stools, spray less.

    The foods that have been mentioned in this diet may reduce frequency of migraine. When headache persists even after one month of this diet, you have to stop having cheese, lemon, almond, other nuts, etc. Magnesium deficiency may also lead to migraine. Using Epsom salts may help.

    What Do We Do If We Go Outstation:

    1. Take plenty of almonds when going out of station. You can have it as a snack
    or a meal. Unprocessed almond is also okay for emergency.

    2. Have 100 grams of ghee bottle with you always. From a tea shop, buy a sugarless
    tea/coffee-->pour 1/3rd of the ghee in that --> mix and drink it.

    3. In hotels--> you can eat 4 omelettes or boiled eggs (don't worry about what
    oil they use, just for one day, however, don't take it daily).

    4. In hotels, you can eat paneer tikka or paneer of any dish--not deep fried.

    5. In hotels, you can take grilled/tandoori/kebab chicken. Also, you can eat non-
    deep-fried non-veg items.

    6. At weddings, eat all the vegetable side dishes, curd and go outside and
    have a butter/ghee tea. If that is not possible, take 2 bananas (bananas are not on
    our diet list. But this is for emergency purposes alone)


    Here are the excerpts of Dr. Hariharan, Paleo diet expert.
    "After analysing standard tests and other tests, this diet has been prescribed for you. Even then you may have some hidden diseases like cancer, genetic problems, heart problems, etc. This diet has been designed and prescribed for you with a single purpose in my mind and that is to improve your overall health even then some of you may experience deterioration in your health. You should start and follow this diet under strict supervision from your family doctor."

    He further added, "This low-carb high-fat Paleo diet is not accepted by majority of physicians and this diet is still under research. We are not responsible for any health issues if the diet is not taken under strict supervision."

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