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9 Ways How Garlic Benefits Your Kids

Many parents wish to dump the antibiotics and stick to home remedies when treating their kids for various health issues. As a parent, you would have heard several times from the elderly about the benefits of incorporating garlic in your child's diet.

Especially when your kid is down with cold or some form of a respiratory ailment, it's time that you increase your child's intake of garlic.


Garlic As A Medicinal Herb

Garlic, since decades, has been termed as a herb with medicinal values. The cultivation of garlic dates back to 3000 years. Garlic is famous for its unique taste and pungent smell. The medicinal qualities of garlic are due to the presence of a compound known as allicin. With immense health benefits, garlic should definitely be a part of your kid's diet. Not just the kids, garlic shows its curative effects when consumed by the adults as well.

Benefits Of Garlic For Kids

1. Cures ear aches:

Kids are prone to ear aches and garlic being one of the prime, natural forms of antibiotics is extremely beneficial to cure it. Garlic also possesses antifungal and antiviral properties, thus curing your child's ear ache from its root cause. You can use mix garlic oil with olive oil and use this mixture to treat your little one's ear pain. It works as an instant pain reliever.


2. Cures intestinal problems:

Sometimes, it goes beyond being able to monitor and control what your kid eats, making them likely to catch stomach infections. When your kid(s) suffer from intestinal health issues such as dysentery, diarrhea or colitis, try to feed them garlic by mixing it up in the meals they eat.

Garlic is a herb that destroys harmful bacteria present in the intestine. Moreover, intake of garlic does not affect the functionality of the useful bacteria present in the intestine, which the use of antibiotics might do. The best way to incorporate garlic in your kid's diet is in the form of garlic juice. This will help your child get rid of all the harmful intestinal worms.

3. Treats hypertension:

With ample stress around, your kid might also be affected by it. Hypertension in children is quite common these days and you, as a parent, can help them overcome it by including the multifunctional herb, garlic, in their diet.

The natural compound "allicin", which is present in garlic, reduces the consequences of hypertension in kids by relaxing their blood vessels. Use of garlic is also a great remedy to combat thrombosis in children, as it is able to minimize the aggregation of platelets.

4. Treats respiratory ailments:

Cold and cough is highly common in kids. Raw garlic has been used since the good old days as one of the best home remedies in the treatment of cold and cough. It is advised that as soon as you begin to see the symptoms of cold in your child, give them a minimum of two fresh cloves in a slightly crushed form. This will help mitigate the symptoms immediately. This is sure to give a quick relief to your child.

5. Treats eye infection:

Kids suffer from eye infections a lot, as they are prone to be exposed to various germs, especially when they play around. Swelling, redness and general infections of the eye can be treated using garlic.

This is so because garlic possesses nutrients such as vitamin C, selenium and quercetin. However, before using the garlic directly, it is advisable to consult with your physician about the best and appropriate way garlic can be applied to treat an eye infection.

6. Cures skin rashes:

It's good to use garlic as a skin cleanser. With its antibacterial properties, garlic can help your kids get rid of skin rashes.

7. Treats asthma:

Several kids these days suffer from asthma. Boiled garlic cloves are found to be highly effective in treating asthma in children. The best way to incorporate garlic in your child's diet is by giving him or her around three boiled garlic cloves in a glass of milk every night before bedtime. This also keeps a check on asthma attacks.

8. Promotes digestion:

Digestive troubles can be completely eliminated from your child's life if garlic is included in his or her diet on a daily basis. Garlic helps in the smooth functionality of the large and small intestine. Inflammation of the gastric canal is also cured with the intake of garlic in moderate amounts.

9. Treats infected wounds:

With its antimicrobial properties, garlic is the best way to treat infected wounds in children. Infected wounds, if left untreated, can cause serious health issues. Harmful microbes present in an infected wound can be destroyed by applying garlic juice in a diluted form topically.

It is possible that your child might not like the look and taste of garlic, but with such ample health benefits, you will surely want to look up recipes that can be delicious as well as would include the usage of garlic in desirable amounts.

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