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Mushroom Coffee: All You Need To Know About This New Fad

Are you one of those for whom coffee makes your day? Instead of your latest choice of bulletproof coffee, how about some mushroom coffee for a change? Any coffee enthusiast would be intrigued about the idea of mushroom coffee.

But what is 'Mushroom Coffee'?

Well, mushroom coffee happens to be the new fad not only for coffee lovers but also for people who are not into the caffeine band. In fact, it is said that the founder of the Finnish company, which manufactures mushroom coffee, is on a mission to make the world's healthiest coffee.

This new innovation in caffeine comes as good news for coffee lovers who are advised to lower the intake of caffeine due to health reasons. But how is mushroom coffee any better than normal coffee? Mushroom coffee contains almost half of the caffeine found in normal coffee, which is why it is much healthier than your regular cup of coffee. And this fad cannot be discarded as a passing one because it is backed by studies which say that this has a lot of health benefits. Doesn't that sound amazing?

Let us explore some more about this.

Though mushroom coffee is a latest fad, medicinal mushrooms have been in use for centuries in Chinese traditional medicine. No doubt, mushroom coffee hits the popularity ground next to bulletproof coffee because of it health claims and uniqueness in the current scenario.

While medicinal mushrooms have gained momentum, mushroom coffee is said to be rich in antioxidants and is beneficial to the health in a number of ways. The extract powder of mushrooms, which are blended with organic instant coffee, comes from a variety of mushrooms which are known to be effective in diabetes and in cutting down the risk of cancer.

Some of them are also said to be helpful in controlling blood sugar levels, fight fatigue and increase the energy levels, enhance digestive health and fight against bacteria and virus, thereby boosting the immunity of the body. Thus, mushroom coffee finds its way as a latest health trend with a number of testimonials available from people who have tried it and reaped its health benefits.

So, how can you go about getting your cup of mushroom coffee? Can you prepare your own blend of mushroom coffee?

Though dried and powdered mushrooms are available for you to experiment with your own coffee, or you might consider choosing the wild mushrooms yourself, it is a considerable risk to find the correct one to infuse it with your coffee. So, the feasible option for you to get a taste of mushroom coffee is to grab one of those blends which are readily available in the market. This is also the safest and non-risky option for your health.

Moreover, all the positives of adding medicinal mushrooms come with a word of caution. It is advised to consult your doctor if you want to add those medicinal mushrooms to your coffee. A few of the medicinal mushrooms can have an adverse effect on your body and health if you are into certain medications. Thus, it is not suggested to naively experiment with the blending and concoction.

No matter to what degree it is beneficial to our health, doesn't it sound interesting to sip on mushroom coffee? Well, by now you would definitely agree that it is a must try! After all, who wouldn't want a dose of health in their morning coffee mug, right? Including mushroom coffee in your diet might turn out to be an exciting and healthy choice than drinking normal coffee! Try it today.

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