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Lemon Water And Jaggery For Weight Loss: An Easy Fitness Hack

By Chandrayee Sen

Having a perfect hour-glass figure is the dream of every individual. But it requires a lot of hard work and dedication to achieve it. Strenuous physical exercise and strict diet are to be followed for this. A person has to leave behind all the favourite fast food dishes and consume healthy and nutritious food.

But it is seen that in the busy schedule of life, people often fail to maintain this lifestyle habit continuously. Whenever they are hungry, the best thing to munch down is usually a burger or chips. These food items contain high amount of calories which gets stored in the body.

Besides, obesity can lead to a heart ailment, as due to fat storage the level of cholesterol rises which blocks the path of blood flow to arteries. Therefore, before it's too late, start to control your food habits. One good start to it can be done by consuming lemon water with jaggery early in the morning. This drink has shown a potential benefit in reducing belly fat and renders an active lifestyle.


Benefits Of Lemon

Lemon is loaded with vitamins and is an essential citrus fruit that can aid in the process of losing weight. Consuming it every day, early in the morning, can show potential benefit in rendering weight loss. This is because the acidic content of lemon helps to burn down the calories and aids in the process of digestion. Sipping lemon juice early in the morning can have several other benefits as well, which are listed below.


1. It Can Reduce Dehydration

Research states that consumption of lemon water can aid in reducing dehydration. Water, as we know, is the important element required for hydration and removing toxins from the body. Many of us don't like consuming gallons of water, thus lemon can add a flavour to it.

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2. It’s Good For Your Heart And Immunity

Being a good source of vitamin C, lemon prevents the occurrence of cardiovascular ailments, reduces the risk of stroke, and regulates blood pressure. Further, it also creates a shield to protect people from common cold viruses.


3. It Improves The Quality Of Your Skin

Lemon water also enhances the quality of your skin by reducing wrinkles and dry skin. This is because, the more the body is hydrated from within, the less will be the occurrence of dry skin and wrinkles.


4. It Can Speed Up Your Metabolism

Lemon promotes weight loss and eases the process of digestion along with inducing the metabolic rate.


5. It Can Get Rid Of Bad Breath

People suffering from the problem of bad breath can have lemon water to neutralize the odour. This is because lemon helps in the stimulation of saliva and removes the problem of dry mouth, which is the main reason for the bacterial growth in the mouth.


6. It Can Prevent Kidney Stone Formation

Amongst its several benefits, it is seen that lemon can prevent the formation of kidney stone. This is due to the citric acid content in lemon that cuts down the occurrence of kidney stones and flashes the toxins from the body.


Benefits Of Jaggery

Many of us avoid the direct intake of sugar, as it can cause potential harm to our body. Diabetic patients often avoid sugar and food made with sugar to regulate their blood sugar level. But consuming jaggery can be indeed beneficial. This is because, there is no artificial sweetener in jaggery that can act as a great sugar substitute.

This brown coloured food item has natural sucrose that renders its sweet flavour. Besides acting as a sugar substitute, jaggery contains a high amount of fibre, minerals, and proteins as well. Jaggery also aids in rendering weight loss by burning down the excess fat and induces metabolism. It is indeed beneficial for people who are undergoing weight loss session.

Due to its property of easing the digestion in the body, jaggery helps in cleansing the blood by removing the toxins from the body. Besides, jaggery contains potassium and can control water retention in the body.

Therefore, a person can continue the weight loss program on a daily basis by consuming jaggery. Further, jaggery helps to burn down the stored fat. It also helps in balancing the electrolyte level in the body, so that a person doesn't suffer from low sugar level.


How To Prepare This Weight-Loss Drink

Lemon water when mixed with jaggery fastens the process of reducing weight.
For preparing the mixture, take a glass of warm water and add the lemon extract by squeezing half of the lemon.

In this, add 1 tablespoon of jaggery and mix well. Have this drink every morning on an empty stomach for inducing metabolism and reducing body weight. Further, this will drink will also provide adequate energy for keeping you active and healthy.

Story first published: Wednesday, January 3, 2018, 21:00 [IST]