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Is Egg And Milk A Healthy Combination?

Milk & Egg Combination | क्या नाश्ते में दूध के साथ अंडे है healthy | Boldsky

Breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day. This literally means breaking your fast from the previous night and kick-starting the metabolism and other regulatory functions of the body.

So, why is this meal so important?

What you eat in the morning not only determines the state of your stomach, but it also determines the state of your mind. It provides you the initial boost of energy, the body requires to perform its functions normally. This incredible body of ours deserves a treat which is healthy, fulfilling and right for the stomach.

This is where food pairing plays a very important part.

Just eating what's within reach or easily available in the supermarket is not the key to the right meal. But planning ahead and understanding what your body requires out of a meal is important.

When we talk about preparing a protein-rich breakfast, the first two ingredients that come to mind are eggs and milk. And then follows the disappointment of remembering the myth that these put together are not considered a good example of healthy food pairing.

Eggs are a source of choline and albumen in addition to being rich in proteins. They are eaten in various forms - raw, boiled, poached, scrambled, fried, half-boiled, etc.

Raw eggs are not just considered dangerous to consume, they are also considered to be less palatable. Consuming raw eggs increases the chances of deficiency of biotin, food poisoning and salmonella infection in an individual. This could lead to an upset stomach, vomiting and stool inconsistency. In severe case, this salmonella infection could even lead to death.

Cooked eggs, on the other hand, reduce the chances of the infection and food poisoning. Also, the proteins from eggs are more readily absorbed by the body when they are consumed in the cooked form compared to the raw form. Thus, proving to be lighter and healthier for the stomach.

Milk is a rich source of calcium, lipids, whey and caseins (proteins) and other minerals and vitamins. It is a colloid-containing water as the solvent that binds together with its other constituents. Raw milk from mammals is either consumed directly or is pasteurized to kill the bacteria that might exist in it.

These two foods when put together are only good for the body when the eggs are cooked and the milk is bacteria free.

Raw eggs and milk, when consumed together, cause an overdose of protein that cannot be absorbed by the body very easily. This unabsorbed protein gets converted to fat instead, causing many complicated health concerns.

But when eggs are boiled before consumption, the protein absorption happens readily, reducing the chances of any health hazards. These boiled eggs can safely be eaten with milk without any concern of the increase in bad cholesterol too.

Thus, cooked eggs of any form can be consumed with milk to form a hearty, healthy breakfast. This holds good when the consumption is moderate. Going overboard could lead to overdosing your body with excess protein. If any irritation, upset stomach or vomiting is observed, consumption should be discontinued immediately!

So, cook those eggs, boil the milk and eat away, but not to your heart's content. Eat for the nutrients and not for the taste. This will keep you sound and safe.

Eat right, feel right.

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