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How Does Coffee With Coconut Oil Benefit Your Health?

By Nupur Jha

There are various benefits and side effects when it comes to drinking coffee. But do you know how coffee will benefit your health if you add some coconut oil to it? In this article, we will reveal all you should know about adding coconut oil to coffee.


Here's Why Portion Control Is Important For Weight Loss

If you have coffee in moderation it can do wonders for your health. The daily caffeine intake should be 400 mg for adults which is equivalent to around 4 cups of coffee to get benefitted by the beverage. Whereas drinking coffee excessively can lead to various health issues as well.


Benefits Of Drinking Coffee

Having coffee regularly in moderation can aid in providing you with various health benefits like boosting your energy, aiding weight loss, combating depression, enhancing liver health by lowering the risk of non-alcoholic fatty liver and liver cirrhosis, and even combating neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's. Drinking coffee in moderation aids in reducing the risk of heart diseases and in controlling the blood glucose levels in diabetics.


Harmful Effects Of Drinking Coffee In Excess

If you drink coffee in excess it affects your health adversely. Drinking more than 4 cups of coffee is associated with the risk of early death as it can increase your chances of getting a heart attack, elevate blood pressure leading to increased heart rate and even lead to caffeine overdose which can eventually lead to death. Apart from this, consuming too much caffeine can lead to insomnia, headaches, indigestion, incontinence. It also affects menopausal women by causing vasomotor symptoms which cause hot flashes, flushes and night sweats and even make you prone to bone fractures.


How Does Adding Coconut Oil In Your Coffee Affect Your Health?

If you drink coffee regularly, adding coconut oil to your coffee would make it more beneficial for your health. It enhances the benefits of coffee surprisingly making it a super beverage! Here are the amazing benefits of this beverage.

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1. Boosts Metabolism

Coffee with coconut oil aids in boosting your body's metabolism rate. Caffeine is already known for boosting your body's metabolism rate in the short term and it triggers your body's ability to burn fats. Though coconut oil is stored in the form of fat in the body, it can be used as a source of energy by our body instantly.

A 12-week study was carried out by researchers on 40 women who had abdominal obesity, and belonged to the age group of 20-40. These participants were given a dietary supplement along with 30 ml of coconut oil or soybean oil throughout the study.

The researchers found that the participants who took coconut oil along with the dietary supplement had shown a drastic depletion in their BMI and weight along with increased levels of good cholesterol (HDL). These positive results were not seen in the women who were given soybean oil.

Hence drinking coffee with coconut oil will aid in boosting your body's metabolism rate to a great extent.


2. Regulate Blood Sugar

Coffee with coconut oil can be great for diabetics as the beverage will aid in regulating blood sugar effectively. Coffee is likely to lower your chances of getting diabetes when consumed in a limited amount. It also affects the insulin levels of diabetics depending on their blood sugar levels. Coconut oil helps in enhancing the process of blood sugar regulation in your body by aiding your cells in binding with insulin in a more efficient way. This makes coffee with coconut oil very beneficial for controlling blood sugar levels in your body.


3. Improves Digestion

Coffee is known for aiding the digestion by lowering the sugar absorption in the body and also by curbing constipation, but it should be taken in moderate amounts as it can worsen stomach aches and lead to the loss of fluid. Coconut oil stimulates your digestive system in a similar way, this natural laxative improves your bowel movement which results in better digestion and it also boosts your body's ability to absorb nutrients. Coffee with coconut oil aids in soothing gut inflammation too.


4. Promotes Immunity

Caffeine has the ability to boost our immune system; coffee contains polyphenol antioxidants which help in preventing heart ailments, various types of cancers, neurological ailments as well as osteoporosis. Talking about coconut oil, it comprises of 50% of lauric acid, which is a healthy fat found in the breast milk. This acid has antimicrobial properties which aid in killing pathogens and boosting the immune system.


5. Enhances Cognitive Function

Coffee is known to act as a mild stimulant which helps people in kick-starting their day energetically, it helps in improving their cognitive function by arousing concentration and mood of the people. Once we consume coconut oil our body either uses it as a quick source of energy or transform it into ketones after it goes to the liver. Ketones are known to improve our memory and brain function. Adding coconut oil to the coffee will increase the levels of ketones in our body and according to research they aid in improving our cognitive function.

How To Prepare

Add 2 tablespoons of coconut oil to your coffee mug and pour hot coffee over it and have it after stirring.

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Story first published: Friday, October 5, 2018, 14:00 [IST]
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