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Here Are 9 Reasons Why Olives Should Be A Part Of Your Daily Diet

You would have come across olives, especially when you go to the grocery store. If you have never bought them and are wondering why you should incorporate them in your daily diet, then it is time that you read on to know about the extreme health benefits that olives are capable of providing.

What Are Olives?

Olives are kind of a stone fruit that have a hard pit at the center surrounded by the fruit's flesh. Many people seem to get confused, as they find olives in two different kinds. The unripe ones are olives that are green in colour.

The olives which are black in colour are the ripe ones. There are different varieties of olives available as well, depending on the region where they have been grown. Also, consumption of olives may give you varied taste, which is defined by the ingredients and the methods used. Texture and colour of olives also differ by the duration of them being cured.

Incorporating Olives In Your Diet

Olives are placed under the fruit category. They are extraordinary and highly beneficial. It can be eaten as a little snack for your small hunger pangs. Moreover, you can enhance the taste of olives by eating it with cheese, crackers or other fruits - like in a mixed fruit salad. Olives were first grown in the Mediterranean region and thus its benefits date back to 100 years ago.

Make Olives A Part Of Your Daily Diet

Being one of the best snacks when compared to high-calorie fried snacks, olives are by far the best fruit for all age groups. According to health experts, having 5-6 olives per day is sufficient to provide your body with enough nutrients like vitamins, minerals as well as unsaturated fatty acids. Moreover, with several varieties of this fruit being available in the market, you can choose the one that satisfies your taste buds to the utmost. So, whether you consume olives through a salad, a sandwich or in a martini, you are sure to be at the receiving end of several health benefits.

Reasons Why You Should Not Skip Eating Olives

Olives are highly nutritious. The following are some of the reasons on why you should never miss out on eating olives.

1. Olives work as antioxidants:

Along with being very high in vitamin E, it is a storehouse of several powerful other antioxidants as well. Acting as an antioxidant, it protects the body's cells. It is extremely beneficial for the skin and eyes. Studies have shown that olives are good for heart and have also proven to be effective in the treatment of osteoporosis and cancer.

2. As an anti-inflammatory agent:

Olives are said to work towards bringing down inflammation. Eating them regularly, opens up your body's better accessibility to polyphenols, in particular, a chemical compound known as oleuropein. This chemical is known for its powerful antimicrobial, anti-atherogenic, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

3. Olives improve cardiovascular health:

Olives contain healthy, monosaturated fats. This boosts good cholesterol, eventually preventing the arteries from hardening. This monosaturated fat found in olives also has oleic acid. This has been found to be associated with reducing high blood pressure levels and in turn promotes better cardiovascular health.

4. Controls weight increase:

If you have been looking forward to reducing your weight, then incorporating olives in your diet is a must. Monosaturated fats found in olives allow loss of fat from the belly. It also promotes better insulin sensitivity. Munching on a small serving of olives just before you sit down to have your lunch or dinner, can curb your appetite in a good way.

5. Is a great energy provider:

Glutathione is a source of energy production. Having enough of it in your blood can boost your lifestyle in an active manner. Consuming olives has shown to increase the levels of glutathione in the blood.

6. Olives are a great source of iron:

Especially black olives are good to consume in moderate amounts for people with low hemoglobin levels. This also boosts the functionality of the body's immune system.

7. Rich in gut-friendly bacteria:

Olives are good for your digestive system. If you face irregularities with your bowel movements, then eating olives frequently can resolve your indigestion issues to a great extent.

8. As a fertility booster:

Doctors have suggested the consumption of olives to improve the reproductive system. It is also advised to patients who face fertility issues.

9. Olives help you reduce wrinkles:

Since olives contain oleic acid, it helps in preventing/reducing wrinkles to a great extent. Oleic acid in general is good for the skin.

Choosing good olives is an important task if you wish to obtain the ample health benefits of it. It is better to buy olives from local farmers rather than from the supermarket. You are more likely to find them fresh when bought directly after being picked.

Nevertheless, you can also opt for organic olives. Traditionally, cured organic bottled olives are also preferable and the ones that have all its nutritional content intact. And, it's good to avoid canned olives, as they might have preservatives and artificial add-ons.

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Story first published: Wednesday, April 4, 2018, 17:30 [IST]
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