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Why Is It So Hard To Lose Weight?

By Devika Bandyopadhya

Being fit and healthy is of utmost necessity in today's fast-paced daily life.

Being unhealthy can put you in the backseat in the race of time, where everyone is fighting for a good and fulfilling quality of life. Healthy people generally attribute being overweight or obese to heavy eating, but is being obese actually just limited to a course of overeating?

Well, the answer is no. There could be several reasons behind a person being overweight, in spite of his or her daily weight-loss struggles.

One of the prime causes of it becoming so hard to lose weight in the 21st century is the form of life a person leads. Be it the personal or professional life of an individual, the activities that comprise a daily routine in today's time has put the idea of eating or living healthy far behind.

You might wonder how small changes in your daily routine can help you overcome your weight-loss struggles. Well, read on to know the hard truth about weight loss and how a bit of dedication from your end can help you achieve a fit and healthy body.


How Your Attitude Can Turn Into A Weight Loss Barrier?

Trying to lose weight just to please others can never take you far. There needs to be other sources of motivation as well.

One of the hard truths about weight loss is being ignorant about why you actually want to lose those extra pounds in your body. Losing weight takes time and people tend to give up easily, when they do not see quick results.

To achieve a perfect body, you need to be patient enough to wait and reach your weight-loss goal.

Having a daily exercise routine book, in the form of a journal, can be the perfect way of tracking how each day brings you an inch closer to your goal.


Is A Balanced, Low-calorie Diet Sufficient To Lose Weight?

If you think that just eating right daily can help you overcome your weight loss struggle, then it would be hard to accept the fact that "eating right" alone can not help you maintain a steady weight.

You will need to workout consistently to achieve the target weight. If you are not used to heavy workouts, then at least mild exercises should definitely be part of your daily routine. Walking, jogging or swimming can also help you remain fit and healthy, thereby helping you by avoiding your body from putting on the extra kilos.


Unbalanced Diet Can Turn Your Weight Loss Program Into A Nightmare

You are working out daily, yet you do not see a decrease in your weight? Well, the answer could be the daily menu that is served at your table during breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Reading the food labels when buying food products at the grocery store can be a good habit if you want to cut down on the calorie intake. Also, apart from just maintaining a journal for your workouts, you can also note down your daily food intake.

This would form a kind of guideline that you can refer to if you see yourself not being able to cope with your weight-loss struggle.

It is always advisable to eat small portions of meals at regular intervals. Keeping this theory of eating small can be a good habit and help you avoid overeating.


The Necessity Of Sacrificing Junk Food

Junk food such as pizzas, burgers, fries, etc., can surely turn the mood on for your taste buds, but think twice before you start gorging on them. They are not just a barrier for your weight-loss program, but also severely harm your digestive system.

It is always advisable to at least sit down and plan a menu for the coming week. This way, you will know whether your weight loss efforts are on the right track or not.

Your lifestyle, if not right, can hinder not just your weight-losing efforts, but also the normal functionality of your body.

In today's generation where most of the jobs require you to sit at your desk for hours at a stretch, it can surely make you obese. How do you overcome that?

The answer would be - take breaks. It is essential to work with utmost dedication, but definitely not at the cost of losing a healthy body. Get up from your chair and take small walks at least every three to four hours once.

On a final note, last but not the least, is the need to stay stress-free and lead a peaceful life. Daily worries, whether at work or at home, can make you frustrated, which could eventually lead you to give up on your healthy daily routine. Try staying focused, so that you do not fall into the trap of struggling with your weight-loss efforts. It is sheer determination and hard work that can help you overcome your weight-loss struggles and help you reach your goal.

Story first published: Thursday, March 1, 2018, 14:00 [IST]
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