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12 Foods That Have No Calories

By Staff

Losing weight is not a simple equation of calories in and calories out.

It also depends on your unique metabolic power and your general health condition.

Nevertheless, we cannot deny that foods that keep us full for long periods of time but contribute very few calories to our body are actually ideal for our weight-loss goals.

So, here are 12 foods that have no calories but which you should definitely add to your diet if you are seriously watching your weight!


#1 Watermelon

You can't go wrong with a watermelon.

Not only is this fruit mostly made of water, which is the primary component of the human body (70% to be more exact), it is also rich in soluble fibers that satiate your hunger fast by filling up your stomach quickly.

And the best part is, watermelons are sweet. So, if you have a dangerous sweet tooth that has been wreaking havoc in your life and weight-loss efforts, a bowlful of this fruit will easily satisfy your sweet taste buds but prevent you from growing fat.

Total calories in 100 g of watermelon = 30!


#2 Cabbage

This vegetable features heavily in most weight-loss diets because it is dirt cheap and contributes next to no calories to your body.

Plus, it is a good source of trace minerals like manganese, copper, and potassium, and vitamins, like vitamin B1 and folate.

Total calories in 100 g of cabbage = 25!


#3 Celery

Chewing on a few celery sticks may make you look like a rabbit, but this veggie is super good for you because it has very few calories in it but is rich in fiber.

Total calories in 100 g of celery = 16!


#4 Tomato

Fruit or vegetable? We don't really care what it is because when it comes to your diet, the tomato is super delicious and super light on your body.

Plus, tomato skin is rich in lycopene, a compound essential for preventing cancer and heart diseases.

Total calories in 100 g of tomato = 18!


#5 Muskmelon

Turns out all melons are good for your weight-loss goals. And while the humble muskmelon (a.k.a cantaloupe) is more calorie-dense than its cousin, the watermelon, this fruit still clocks in waaay fewer calories than your regular bowl of fresh fruits.

Plus, it's rich in vitamin C, potassium, and folate, which is a definite win.

Total calories in 100 g of muskmelon = 34.


#6 Cucumber

Like the tomato, most people are confused whether the cucumber is a fruit or a vegetable. But we still don't care what it is because with 96% water content, eating a cucumber is as good as drinking a tall glass of water!

Maybe that's why this vegetable (yup, that's exactly what it is) is such a popular ingredient in salads.

Total calories in 100 g of cucumber = 16!


#7 Papaya

The papaya is a mysterious fruit. It resembles the empty womb of a woman, is known to induce miscarriages when you are pregnant, and can make you run for the toilet if you eat more than one bowlful.

Nevertheless, this year-round fruit is rich in antioxidants and nutrients but low in calories, which makes it the perfect fruit for those hoping to lose weight.

Just stay away from it when you are pregnant!

Total calories in 100 g of papaya = 37.


#8 Spinach

The spinach might be a woman's best friend because of it's rich iron content, but it is good for every human being on this planet too.

That's because this leafy green is rich in a wide range of nutrients, including vitamins K and A, and minerals, like zinc, magnesium, and copper. Plus, it has enough protein in it to make it taste just like meat!

Total calories in 100g of spinach = 23!


#9 Apple

This tart fruit is a rich source of dietary fibers and antioxidants, which is why regular consumption of apples is known to prevent diseases.

Total calories in 100 g of apple = 52.


#10 Carrot

This "rabbit food" vegetable is a phenomenal source of vitamin A, which is the reason why doctors recommend you to eat more carrots if your eyesight is bad.

Plus, it is great for your weight-loss goals since it contributes very few calories to your body but is rich in fibers that make you feel full faster.

Total calories in 100 g of carrots = 41!


#11 Mushroom

Here's a weird thing about mushrooms: they are technically fungi (which is a completely different kingdom of organisms on this planet), but are considered plants. But then again, vegetarians do need some excuse to eat this delicious meat-substitute!

And mushrooms are great for those watching their weight because they are a good source of proteins and nutrients, like vitamin C, zinc, manganese, and copper, but very low in calories.

Total calories in 100 g of mushroom = 22!


#12 Green Beans

The word green is important here because this is the only kind of beans that has very few calories in it. Other beans are not actually vegetables, but legumes, and so rich in proteins and calories.

Total calories in 100 g of green beans = 31!

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