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Did You Know About This Benefit Of Eating Eggs?

By Devika Bandyopadhya

Eggs have been considered since ages as one of the healthiest and nutritious foods. People incorporate eggs in their daily diet by preparing various forms of delicacies using it. Apart from the ample benefits that an egg is said to provide, one of them that has caught the attention of many is the result obtained through research data which states that eating at least one egg daily could lower your chances of facing a heart attack.

Eggs are the best source of protein. The egg whites are also rich sources of vitamin D, selenium, B6, B12, and minerals, such as iron, zinc, and copper. Although in the past, eggs have been blamed for raising cholesterol levels in an unhealthy manner, the benefit of eating eggs cannot be overlooked according to the researchers at Peking University Health Science Center, who have found that eating eggs go a long way in protecting the health of your heart.

Eggs Are The Answer To Reducing Risks Of Stroke And Heart Diseases

Researchers from Oxford University and Peking University Health Science Center determined through researches the connection between the consumption of eggs and the possible chances of strokes and other cardiovascular diseases.

It has been observed that eating at least one egg per day could reduce the chances of a heart attack by more than a quarter when compared to those who rarely consumed eggs. Research has also shown that people who consumed about five eggs on an average in a week were 12 percent less likely to suffer from any form of cardiovascular diseases.

Research Proves Eggs Improve Heart Health

The statement "Go to work on an egg- and be your best all day!" has been proved correct through the results obtained after extensive research. The research that was conducted in China involved observing the dietary pattern of about 400,000 people aged between 30 and 79 and who were physically healthy.

When the survey began, about 13.1 percent of the people under the study reported consuming eggs daily while about 9.1 percent said that they rarely consumed an egg at all. These people were then again studied after a gap of nine years.

During this time it was found that there were about 83,977 cases of cardiovascular health issues and around 9,985 deaths. There were also reports of 5,103 facing serious coronary events, such as a heart attack. The 13 percent of participants who consumed an egg daily had less chances of suffering from a haemorrhagic stroke, which is found to occur when there is bleeding in and around the brain.

On the whole, it was determined that people who consumed an egg daily faced lower risks of cardiovascular diseases. Also, these people who ate eggs were found to have about 26 percent lesser chances of suffering a stroke, about 28 percent lesser risk of deaths due to stroke and about 18 percent lesser risk of death due to other forms of cardiovascular diseases.

Eggs Form An Important And Essential Part Of A Balanced Diet

Apart from the observational study that the research was based upon, eggs in general have been identified as a crucial part of a balanced diet. According to the statement released by Professor Liming Li from Peking University, there is a link between lower cardiac-related event rates and moderate amount of egg consumption.

This has also been written by Professor Liming Li along with Canqing Yu in the journal Heart. Professor Li further went on to say that the findings of the research gave scientific evidence to be followed by the dietary guidelines with regard to consumption of egg for each and every Chinese adult who is otherwise healthy.

Why Should You Consider Eating An Egg Daily?

Eggs are not just good for heart health, but also serve to be one of the most nutritious foods that should surely be part of your dietary plan. In contrast to what was believed earlier, eggs are not the culprit behind raising cholesterol levels. There are various evidences that show high levels of saturated fat as being responsible for higher cholesterol levels. Egg, on the other hand, is low in saturated fat. Eggs are also storehouses of protein, minerals, vitamins, and essential fatty acids.

Eggs Are A Good Breakfast Choice

Contrary to some of the beliefs, studies have proven egg to be one of the healthiest breakfast choices. Professor of cardiovascular medicine at the University of Sheffield, Tim Chico, says that, people who do not believe eggs are a healthy breakfast choice should be confronted by the findings that have been published in the journal Heart. He also said that people who eat eggs regularly should be assured of the fact that eggs will not pose any risk to their heart's health. He is of the opinion that thinking eggs would cause heart-related health issues is unrealistic.

Eggs in general are a delicious and nutritious food. You can experiment cooking the eggs in different ways so that they turn out healthier and tasty as well.

Story first published: Tuesday, May 29, 2018, 10:30 [IST]
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