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Best Time To Eat Banana For Weight Loss

Banana is one of the commonly available foods in the market. Although it has a reputation for being a non-diet-friendly fruit, it can serve as a great workout snack.

This fruit is the storehouse of essential vitamins, minerals and insoluble resistance starch that help in lowering the glycaemic index, improve the process of digestion, and initiate the fat-burning process. Yes, you heard it right!

Bananas can indeed help in promoting weight loss. So, today we shall talk about the best time to eat a banana for weight loss. Having bananas during the morning hours along with some other fruit or oatmeal or preferably for breakfast can help in burning down the stored fat.

It is an excellent pre-gym snack with loads of goodness. Bananas are healthy and nutritious foods which form a part of the weight loss program, but no particular food alone can break down the fats.

Thus, if you wish to get rid of the stubborn belly fat, it is important that you undergo calorie-burning programs. It is seen that on an average daily basis, 10-15% of a calorie deficit can lead to potential weight loss.

Why Should You Consume Banana?

Banana is a rich source of potassium, carbohydrate, vitamins, fibre, minerals, and energy. It is often termed as a rich snack that is consumed by people of all age groups.

It is seen that a 100 g of banana can provide the body nearly 90 calories. Bananas are healthy carbs that can make a person feel active and induce more energy. Due to a high amount of potassium content, it aids in lowering the blood pressure level.

Besides, the fibre content in banana keeps a check on your level of appetite and prevents you from munching down on unhealthy food that can result in weight gain.

In addition, bananas are a rich source of vitamin B6. Studies reveal that bananas can fight off depression due to the presence of tryptophan. This iron-rich mineral also eradicated the problem of constipation and benefits people suffering from anaemia, as noted by a study.

The fruit contains natural sugar that induces the adequate amount of energy to undergo strenuous workout session. It is the fuel which our body requires prior to performing an exercise.

When Should Bananas Be Eaten?

This energy fruit is one of favourite foods of all age groups. Eating it early in the morning, especially with some other fruit/oatmeal can work wonders for people who are thinking of undertaking weight loss session.

You will understand its benefits once you start consuming it on a daily basis. You can consume it raw or make a variety of dishes and desserts which are mouth-melting.

Besides, considering its health benefits, not only the fruit but its peel can also render you with a good skin health. For this, you need to rub the inner part of the peel every night and leave it. Upon waking up, you can see a natural glow on your skin along with the elimination of pimples.

With a variety of nutritional benefits, bananas can certainly improve your health and appearance. It is heavy fruit, and if consumed in an adequate amount, it can induce weight loss.

The Banana Meal

There are 500 different varieties of bananas available in the market. The green bananas are starchy, while the mature ripe ones contain adequate amount of natural sugar, which can induce energy. Besides, vitamins and minerals, bananas are also a rich source of antioxidants such as catechin and dopamine, which can benefit the physical fitness of the body.

As stated earlier, it is best to consume it in the morning, as it will give you a feeling of fullness and reduce your appetite. The high amount of fibre content in banana further helps in converting it into energy which helps in the proper functioning of the body all throughout the day.

For breakfast, you can either have a ripe banana raw or merge it with other nutritious food items. You can prepare a whole meal with a bowl of milk, cornflakes and sliced banana for breakfast.

You can even add banana slices in your oatmeal which can further enhance its taste. In the morning hours, you can keep your diet simple by consuming oats along with a glass of milk, some soaked almonds, one ripe banana, and a boiled egg. This complete breakfast option will keep you satiated for a longer span of time.

Apart from this, you can have a banana milkshake or have it with yoghurt. You can even make some delicious banana pancakes and garnish it with some honey for an evening or morning snack delicacy.

Besides, if you are a fruit lover, then you can try for some fruit salad as a healthy afternoon meal to satiate your appetite. For desserts, you can make a banana pudding or a banana custard and serve it. Even children will love the dish and have it.

Thus, consuming banana on a daily basis is a great way to kick-start your fat-burning process and get the desired body shape.

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Story first published: Sunday, March 11, 2018, 9:30 [IST]
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