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8 Health Benefits Of Drinking Honey & Lemon Water

Lemon & Honey Water Benefits| रोज़ एक गिलास शहद और नीबू से शरीर बनेगा स्वस्थ | Boldsky

Honey and lemon water is a drink that has been touted as a healing drink in the health and wellness world. Because it is claimed for burning fat, eliminating toxins and keeping your body healthy.

Both honey and lemon contain powerful therapeutic properties. Honey is used as a natural sweetener substitute for processed sugar and lemons are used for their tangy flavour.

Raw honey has more beneficial compounds and nutrients as compared to filtered honey [1] . The therapeutic effects of honey work in treating wounds, burns and skin ailments [2] . The healing properties of honey come from the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial compounds it contains.

On the other hand, lemons are an excellent source of vitamin C and contain beneficial compounds like citric acid and flavonoids. A study showed that lemon lowers the risk of heart disease and stroke[3] .

Let's have a look at how honey and lemon water works on the body.

Health Benefits Of Honey And Lemon Water

1. Aids in weight loss

Drinking honey and lemon water every day will help you lose weight as it increases metabolism, making you feel fuller for longer [4] . Drinking it before meals will reduce your overall calorie intake and it's also a great drink to have instead of high-calorie sodas and drinks. The presence of vitamin C in lemons is associated with a reduced risk of obesity[5] .

2. Improves digestion

This health drink is known to keep your digestive system healthy. Drinking honey with lemon water stimulates the production of stomach acid secretion and bile secretion which makes it easy to break down the food particles and helps in better absorption of nutrients. In addition, the drink is beneficial for the friendly gut bacteria that keep your digestive system healthy [6] .

3. Boosts immunity

This health drink increases immunity as both honey and lemon act as a protective shield against common infections and diseases. Honey contains polyphenol antioxidants, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that help fight against common cold and its symptoms [7] .

Lemons contain vitamin C, a water-soluble antioxidant which is known to support the body's natural defences [8] ,[9] . The vitamin works by triggering the production of white blood cells that aid the body fight infection [10] .

4. Good for the liver

Drinking honey and lemon water every day will remove all the toxins out from the body [11] . Your body is ingesting chemicals and harmful pollutants in some way or the other which results in the accumulation of toxins in the liver and respiratory tract. Therefore, drinking this health tonic helps in detoxifying the liver and helping in proper functioning by eliminating all the harmful toxins from the liver.

5. Boosts energy

Sipping honey and lemon water between workout sessions will boost your energy. Also, if you drink it before and after your workout, the drink will give you the extra energy needed by the body. Since, honey is packed full of fructose and glucose; glucose is absorbed by the body quickly and gives you an immediate energy boost and fructose is released slowly into the bloodstream to produce a sustained energy boost.

6. Relieves constipation

Drinking lemon honey water in the morning promotes regularity as lemon juice stimulates internal mucus secretion from the intestinal walls. And honey is a natural laxative due to its moisturising properties [12] . This aids in proper bowel movement and also lowers bloating and flatulence that accompany constipation.

7. Relieves cough and chest congestion

If you are suffering from cough and chest congestion then, honey and lemon water is the best medicine. Honey removes excess phlegm from the respiratory tract and reduces the production of mucus. This natural sweetener is known to reduce night-time cough in children as well [13] .

8. Treats UTI and kidney stones

The antimicrobial properties and diuretic effect of honey and lemon respectively work effectively together by flushing disease-causing germs from the urinary bladder and the urogenital tract. The presence of citric acid in lemons prevent kidney stones by binding to calcium oxalate crystals and stops crystal growth[14] .

A study found that honey has the potent ability to treat urinary tract infection [15] .

How To Make Honey And Lemon Water


  • 1 cup water
  • 1 teaspoon honey
  • The juice of half a lemon


  • Boil a cup of water wait till it's lukewarm.
  • Pour the water in your cup, add honey and lemon juice.
  • Stir it and drink it.

When Should You Drink Honey And Lemon Water

The drink is preferably drunk on an empty stomach in the morning to reap all the health benefits. However, this concoction can be had at any time of the day, even as a pre-bedtime drink.

You can also enjoy chilled honey and lemon water if you are bored of having it with hot water. In fact, chilled honey and lemon water is a great drink to have during the summers to quench your thirst and also keeps your body cool and hydrated.

Note: Do not add honey while boiling the water as heating honey makes it toxic, according to Ayurveda.

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