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Are Tomatoes Fattening For You?

Understanding and finding out the perfect way to lose weight can be tricky. When your goal is to lose weight, your utmost concern is incorporating a daily diet that is nutritious as well as the one which enables you to lose the excess body fat.

Diet being a critical part to successfully lose weight, it is always a good idea to skip foods that are high in simple sugars and saturated fat. A fact that has been debated for long is the intake of tomatoes while trying to lose weight. Are tomatoes really fattening? Read on to know the answer.

Tomatoes And Weight Loss

In spite of containing sugar, tomatoes are not that bad when consumed while trying to lose those additional fats from your body. Understanding how weight loss works will be able to give you a better idea about how you should incorporate tomatoes in your weight loss diet plan.

Calorie Content

According to experts, addition of tomatoes to your daily weight loss diet meals can actually help you reach your weight loss goals. According to the recommendations from The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), tomatoes aid in losing weight and maintaining a fit and average weight.

Wellness and Nutrition specialist from South Carolina, Dr. Ann Kulze, refers to a tomato as a "superstar" vegetable that helps in losing weight the perfect way. The main reason why tomato has been referred to as a "superstar" when looking at losing weight is because of its low calorie content.

A medium-sized tomato is said to contain just about 22 calories, whereas a big tomato would contain a maximum of around 33 calories. Even if you consume one whole cup of cherry tomatoes, that would add up to only about 27 calories.

Why Are Tomatoes Ideal For Weight Loss?

According to Ph.D. and clinical nutrition specialist, Dr. Jonny Bowden, foods such as tomatoes are said to be "high-volume" ones and apt to be consumed when trying to lose weight. High-volume foods are said to contain high amounts of water, fiber and air. They are comparatively lower on the calorie-count aspect. Eating tomatoes keeps your tummy full for long and prevents you from eating large quantities of high-calorie food.

Tomatoes are by far the best non-fattening ways to satisfy your appetite. Tomatoes also contain a decent amount of dietary fibre. A large tomato would comprise 2.2 grams of fibre. According to the statement released by the Penn State University, water when consumed through foods can stay in your stomach for longer durations when compared to water that you intake through beverages. This fact further stimulates your weight loss goal achievement with the help of diet meals that contain tomatoes.

Do Tomatoes Raise The Blood Glucose Levels?

A point of concern, especially for the diabetic, is whether the sugar contained in tomatoes end up raising your blood glucose levels. Well, this is not true and nothing to be worried about. As we all know, tomatoes are almost void of dietary fat; they are considered a low-glycaemic food as well. The glycaemic index is nothing but a sort of ranking system that tells you how much a particular beverage or food is capable of affecting your blood glucose levels.

Food or beverages that are ranked 55 or lesser are said to have insignificant effects on the blood glucose levels of a person. According to the reports from the University of Sydney, Australia, tomatoes are ranked 15 on the glycaemic index - a quite low rank (hence, tomatoes being a food that doesn't affect the blood sugar levels of a person). For people who are dieting, it is necessary to keep their blood sugar levels under check, as elevated blood sugar results in the body producing insulin, which in turn promotes the storage of fat.

It is understood that tomatoes are not fattening, as many might believe. However, just eating tomatoes would not do the task of weight loss goal achievement. Losing weight and burning fat requires much more than just consuming tomatoes. Exercise is the best way to burn the calories - remember that you would need to burn more calories than you consume, in order to stay fit and have a well-toned body. Also, keeping an eye on how much calories get into your system through the foods that you eat is also of prime importance when trying to lose weight.

Replacing high-calorie foods with that of low-calorie foods, such as tomatoes, is a great idea when working on losing weight. According to the explanation provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a 2-ounce portion of cheese can be replaced with that of tomatoes.

Also, replacing the meat on a sandwich with tomatoes would ensure that you consume lesser calories. Recommendation from experts also suggests that replacing a high-calorie, starchy rice dish with a cup full of cooked tomatoes would be a great meal when trying to lose weight in a healthy manner is on your mind.

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