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Are Grapes Bad For You When Trying To Lose Weight?

By Devika Bandyopadhya

Fruits have always been identified and accepted as one of the important parts of a healthy diet. Going by what most of the elderly at home have to say, including maximum fruits and veggies in your daily routine meal can take you a long way in not just staying healthy but also in achieving your weight loss goals.

When talking about fruits, one of the yummiest fruits that we all have eaten since our childhood and love to gorge on is grapes. Most of the fruits have a decent amount of calorie, so if you still want to stay healthy and include fruits in your diet, you will need to know the most effective way of incorporating them in your diet.

Grapes surely can help you prepare a healthy and nutritious diet for yourself, however, grapes in itself will not induce weight loss. The question that arises here is whether you can eat this fruit as much as you want and still have a well-toned fat-free body.

Well, read on to know the answer.


1. Health Benefits Of Grapes

Grapes are highly nutritious. Being one of the prime sources of vitamin K, grapes help a great deal in the development of good bone health. Grapes also promote healthy cell growth. They are known to assist a human body's blood clotting functionality as well.


2. How Can Grapes Be Associated With Weight Loss?

Grapes and weight loss go hand in hand. One of the major nutrients linked to weight loss is dietary fibre, and as you may be aware grapes offer a modest quantity of it, hence, assisting in your weight loss goal. Foods rich in fibre are known to help boost satiety after your meal. Foods with a decent amount of fibre require more chewing, which indirectly prevents you from overeating. But, yes, there are still other fruits that are higher in the fibre content when compared to grapes, for instance, apples.


3. Grapes Are Good For Dieting

Rather than just munching on a bowl full of grapes in the form of a sweet snack, blend frozen grapes to prepare a healthy sugar-free sorbet. Or, you could also add fewer pieces of grapes to a smoothie made out of another low-calorie fruit.


4. Why You Should Not Eat Grapes (Keeping Your Weight Loss Criterion In Mind)?

Compared to non-starchy vegetables, fruits have almost three times the calories. Talking about grapes, considering its sweetness and delicious flavour, it is more than obvious that people who miss out on tracking their calorie intake will surely end up overeating them.


5. Keep The Calorie Intake In Mind

To avoid the tendency of overeating grapes, do stick to your calorie goal per day. Fruits, due to being considered healthy, can lead to an inhibition that its calories will not count. Hence, reaching for grapes, or any other calorie-rich fruit as an afternoon or evening snack, can definitely hinder your chances of losing weight in the long run. Grapes surely are lower in calories when compared to cookies, crackers or a packet full of chips, but still overeating them can hold back your weight loss programme.


6. How Should You Prefer Eating Your Favourite Grapes?

Choosing the right way of munching on grapes is essential. Canned varieties of grapes contain a lot of sugar and should never be a part of your weight loss diet. Frozen grapes are refreshing and you can eat them slowly as well; hence, filling your tummy sooner and ultimately preventing you from overeating them. Wash, dry and freeze fresh grapes to turn them into a delicious, nutritious and healthy snack.


7. Does A Diabetic Need To Cut Out Grapes Completely From His Or Her Diet?

Grapes, although low in calories compared to other fruits, has a high glycemic index, causing problems for people with high blood sugar levels. To reduce the fat-inducing effect of calories that come from carbohydrates, it is advisable to eat a protein-rich food alongside, which can slow down the sugar absorption.

So the bottom line of eating grapes and still staying healthy is that if you still want to go on the weight loss spree and can't think of giving up grapes altogether, then just stop at a handful of them and that should be great at maintaining a healthy as well as a low-calorie diet.

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Story first published: Tuesday, February 27, 2018, 21:00 [IST]
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