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8 Diet Tips That Don't Work

By Chandana Rao

Most of us would have been on a diet, at least once or twice in our lifetimes, right? Regardless of whether we stuck to it or not!

Now, usually, many people, when they hear the word "diet", immediately associate it with weight loss.

The terms "diet" and "weight loss" have almost become synonymous with each other; however, the fact is that a person can go on a diet for a number of reasons.

There are different types of diets, which produce different end results.

For instance, while some people go on low-fat diets for weight loss, others could be on a high-protein diet to gain muscles mass!

Similarly, there are different diets to improve your immunity, metabolism, diets which can prevent and treat certain health conditions, etc.

A diet involves following a set of eating habit rules which are designed to help you attain the results you want.

Sticking to a diet can be rather hard, especially at first, but perseverance is key!

Now, there are a number of diet tips that are just myths and people have been misled by them!

Find out what they are below and avoid following these diet tips!


1. Diets Are Temporary

A number of magazines, websites and even a few people around you could tell you that you need to follow a particular diet, just for a few days or months, until you lose weight or attain the desired goal and then stop! However, this tip is false because a diet can only work if you stick to it constantly! The minute you go off a particular diet, your previous health issue could come back!


2. Starve To Lose Weight

From times immemorial, women have been expected to remain slim and "delicate" by the society. So, even queens, princesses, socialites, etc, back in the day were known to starve themselves to maintain a slim figure. Even today, a lot of models, people in the entertainment industry and any woman who wants to lose weight quickly, try starving themselves. However, this method is seriously damaging to the health and can slow down your metabolism, thereby slowing down the weight loss process in the future!


3. There Is No Such Thing As “Too Much Fruit”

We all know that consuming fruit on a regular basis is extremely healthy, as it has a lot of health benefits and is also essential for the body. However, research studies have shown that, consuming more than a couple of servings of fruit could lead to health problems, as many fruits have a high amount of sugar and fructose content!


4. All Calories Are The Same

When people are on a weight loss diet, it is common to count calories and ensure that they consume only a certain amount of calories per day. However, a number of people fail to understand that not all calories are the same! For example, 100 calories from ice cream is more fattening compared to 100 calories from a bowl of vegetables!


5. Cut Out Fat Completely

This is yet another very common diet myth that many people believe and follow, when it comes to weight loss dieting. They feel that, if they cut out all kinds of foods which have fat, it can help them lose weight faster. However, for the body to function properly and maintain good health, healthy fats are very much essential. So, cutting out healthy fats like coconut oil, ghee, avocado, etc., could cause nutritional deficiencies.


6. Avoid Eating After 8 PM

Again, a number of people aiming to lose weight and sticking to weight loss diets are advised to not consume any foods after 8 PM and finish their dinner by this time. However, this tip is slightly mistaken. Dinner must be consumed about 3 hours before your bed time and not specifically before 8 PM. So, if your bed time is 12 AM, then you can consume dinner at 9 PM too! This is done to give your body enough time to digest the food, before bedtime.


7. Drinking Water During Meals Aids Weight Loss

Many people follow this diet tip, where they feel that sipping on water while eating food can help them eat less and thereby lose weight. However, research studies have found that, consuming excess water while eating food can dilute the digestive fluids being produced in the stomach and make digestion harder. This could create digestive problems later on.


8. Exercising Allows You To Eat A Lot

Many people feel that if they exercise on a daily basis, then they can eat what they want to and in excess quantities because they feel that just because they exercise, they will not gain weight. However, even regular intense exercise can only burn so many calories; and if you are eating a lot, you can still gain weight or experience digestive problems.

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Story first published: Monday, February 19, 2018, 21:00 [IST]
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