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7 Simple Tricks To Reduce Belly Fat Without Exercise!

Are you tired of trying to buy loser clothes that do not flatter you just because you want to hide your protruding tummy? Do you feel like you cannot see your feet anymore when you look down because your stomach is just getting bigger?

If yes, you definitely need to make an effort to get rid of that stubborn belly fat as it can not only be bothersome but also unhealthy!

As we may already know, having excess fat in the body, especially around the abdominal region can give rise to a number of health complications.

Excess belly fat has been known to be the root cause of ailments such as joint pain (especially knee pain), loss of balance and co-ordination while moving, digestive problems like gas, acidity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart problems, liver diseases, gallstones, diabetes and even a few types of cancers.

Apart from causing physiological health problems, having excess belly fat can also cause psychological issues like depression, caused by a low confidence level and stressing about one's appearance.

Now, we know that in order to lose fat cells from the body, a combination of a healthy diet and an exercise routine is required.

However, some people would not have the time to exercise. In such cases, a few tricks can be followed to reduce belly fat along with a strict low-fat diet.

Have a look at them here:

1. Consume probiotics
2. Cut off salt
3. Avoid chewing gum
4. Cut down on alcohol
5. Get your hormones tested
6. Avoid cruciferous veggies
7. Eliminate constipation

1. Consume Probiotics

If you want to lose belly fat fast, without much exercise, then, along with sticking to a healthy, low-fat diet, it is also important to make probiotics a major part of your daily diet. Probiotics, like Greek yoghurt, have the ability to improve the production of the healthy bacteria in the stomach.

This can not only help in burning the fat cells in the abdominal region fast but can also decrease bloating by improving your gut health, thus, making your tummy flatter!

2. Cut Off Salt

A pinch of salt added to any dish makes it tastier and honestly, without the addition of salt and a few basic spices, food can become tasteless. However, if you want to lose belly fat and stomach bloating, then, you must make a conscious effort to minimise the consumption of salt as much as possible, as salty food is one of the main causes for belly fat accumulation and bloating; it causes water retention.

3. Avoid Chewing Gum

It is the small things that matter, even when it comes to belly fat. Certain habits that we are into, like chewing gum on a daily basis, could be increasing belly fat sneakily. Most gums contain a lot of sugar, even the ones that claim they have artificial sweeteners, so, it is best to get rid of this habit and chew on something healthier, like nuts, cloves or cinnamon, instead.

4. Cut Down On Alcohol

The term "beer belly" is there for a reason, as alcohol, especially beer is one of the main factors which contribute to fat accumulation in the belly very quickly. So, cutting back on alcohol consumption or even completely giving up the habit can naturally reduce the belly fat, without exercise. Giving up on alcohol can also help boost your general health to a great extent.

5. Get Your Hormones Tested

Many a time, even if you have a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle habits, you may notice that your belly fat is just not reducing. In such cases, there could be certain hormonal fluctuations happening inside the body, which need to be tested and treated by the doctors. This can naturally reduce belly fat after treatment.

6. Avoid Cruciferous Veggies

Research studies have shown that cutting cruciferous veggies, like cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, etc., from your diet can reduce your waistline and belly fat naturally, as they contain a compound known as raffinose, which is known to cause an increase in stomach fat and gas, while it is breaking down the foods in the stomach.

7. Eliminate Constipation

If you are someone who has trouble going to the bathroom easily on a daily basis and you are often constipated, then, you must make an effort and get the right kind of help as constipation can also cause an increase in belly fat and bloating in the long run!

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