You Should Never Eat These Foods Before Workout

By: Rima Chowdhury

When you have made up your mind to attend a gym and lose weight, never leave it half attended. Once you have started working on your body, you should make sure that you don't ruin it by committing a few mistakes.

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Just like machines, your body needs the right type of food that will help to boost energy in your body and not make you gain weight. Certain foods must be completely avoided, especially before a workout session, as they may add to more calories and not help with your weight loss goals in any way.

Check out the foods you should never eat before a workout. Avoid these foods at any cost.


1. Raw Seeds

Although grabbing a handful of raw seeds might be just an awesome idea, consuming it before a workout can lead to serious disadvantages. Consuming raw seeds can lead to stomach discomfort because of their fat content, which can be limited when you combine them with other foods that are lower in fiber. If you want to consume raw seeds before a workout, you can consider taking one spoon of seeds along with half a cup of oatmeal.


2. Carbonated Drinks

You should avoid drinking carbonated drinks before a workout at any cost because unfortunately, it leads to bloating and diarrhoea because of the excessive sugar in it. Most of them love drinking energy drinks before a workout, as they believe it can help to boost energy, but due to an excessive level of sugar in these drinks, it may lead to bloating and food craving in a person. However, if you have a long workout for 60 to 90 minutes, sipping on sports drink is okay.


3. Whole Grain Bread

While whole grain version of any food is considered to be good, it is not good to consume them before a workout. Carbs in general that are yeasts, mold- and gluten-bound are inflammatory, which means they can help to hold water for a longer period of time, thus causing bloating in a person. Whole grain products can provide you with energy because they are sugar, but the side effects of them while working out are more.


4. Leafy Vegetables

While consuming green veggies are freaking awesome, consuming these foods before a workout may cause discomfort while you are working out. Due to a large amount of fiber in green veggies, it may also lead to stomach bloating in a person, especially during workout sessions. If you are in the mood to have something light before your workout, you can swap a green salad for a green smoothie.

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5. Spicy Food

Food that has a lot of seasoning and flavour in it requires a longer period of time for digestion and hence it is very important to avoid taking such food before a workout. Consuming spicy food before a workout can lead to heart burning and it will not be an effective workout. If you are craving for some chicken, take chicken or salmon which is packed with proteins and no extra seasoning. Remember that there are no extra artificial additives in it.


6. Sugar

Excessive sugar can create a havoc in your digestive system. After consuming a large amount of sugar before a workout, it may make you feel exhausted and also lead you to an upset stomach. As soon as you consume sugar-loaded food, your blood sugar rises up, giving you an instant energy. On the other hand, Insulin takes it out and sends it to the muscle tissues, thus crashing your energy level in the body.

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Story first published: Friday, January 20, 2017, 13:30 [IST]
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