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7 Weight Loss Tips You Must Never Follow!

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The holiday season is over and a brand new year is here and most of us would have made resolutions to get healthier and lose some weight this year, right? Well, did you know that there are a few weight loss tips that you must never follow, if you want to reach your goal?

Now, the minute you browse the Internet for weight loss advice or tips, you will find a whole plethora of them; however, not all of them are authentic!

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So, keeping your well-being in mind, it is very important to follow tips that guarantee a healthy weight loss, rather than falling prey for unwanted things that may lead to health complications.

As we all realize, staying fit and maintaining an ideal weight is extremely crucial, if we want to remain healthy.

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Being overweight or obese can be the root cause of a number of health problems, including heart ailments and cancer!

So, here are a few weight loss tips that you must never follow; read along!


Tip #1

One of the worst tips people follow in order to lose weight, is setting extremely high standards, like, aiming to lose 20 kilos, in a month, which is not possible, and even if it is, it can be very unhealthy!


Tip #2

Avoid following certain "fad diets" that some people say has worked for them. It is always better to go to a nutritionist or a doctor and get a diet chart that works for you, based on your current health condition.


Tip #3

Completely forbidding yourself from eating out, or indulging in comfort foods can also be a bad tip. You can allow yourself "cheat days", at least a couple of days in a month!


Tip #4

Starving yourself, by eating just a couple of fruits per day in order to lose weight fast, can also be very unhealthy and can lead to malnutrition.


Tip #5

Some people are advised to go on a "liquid diet" for days, without consuming any real food, to aid weight loss. This habit can also lead to major health complications, as your body is not receiving enough nutrients.


Tip #6

No matter how much you diet, weight loss can only happen if you also exercise, so never follow tips that say, diet without exercising can actually work.


Tip #7

Skipping meals, especially breakfast is another bad weight loss tip. Skipping meals can slower your metabolic rate and make you unhealthy.

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Story first published: Thursday, January 12, 2017, 9:30 [IST]
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